Chrissy & John Take Luna On An Adorable Outing

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are pretty consistent in being one of the most real, funny, and adorable celebrity couples around. Their collective power grew tenfold when they welcomed their sweet baby Luna in April, who is, no doubt, going to be just as talented and hilarious as her parents. While many celebrities were busy drinking on yachts and frolicking on Rhode Island beaches with their friends, Legend and Teigen gave us all the family goals when they took Luna to her first L.A. Dodgers game. Could there be a more appropriate way to celebrate America's birthday than with America's favorite pastime? I think not!

Teigen hasn't really been shy about sharing photos and Snapchat videos of their beloved baby, which is very sweet for fans of theirs who are curious about their lives post-baby. Also, it proves that Teigen and Legend are just two normal, first-time parents who are overly excited about sharing and documenting all of their babies' first experiences, and you know, they just happen to have a combined couple million followers liking those photos. NBD.

For Fourth of July weekend, before Teigen went to the Hamptons to celebrate Revolve clothing, she snuck in some family time, and it was adorable:

Ahh! Baby cheeks! A tiny Dodgers onesie! It's too much! This baseball outing seemed like a true family affair, and Teigen's mom joined in on the action, with her own jersey to match:

The game actually also happened to be Legend's first Dodgers game ever, and he shared his excitement over finding a hat large enough for his head, which is a problem I understand all too well:

If you're a Teigen fan, you might remember that she's actually made an appearance on the Dodgers field herself, when she threw out the first pitch for a game in 2014. Teigen admitted she was "pretty drunk" when throwing the pitch, so I think this outing was a bit more PG.

While the rest of the family had fun in the stands, Teigen met up with Dodgers pitcher Brandon McCarthy's wife, Amanda McCarthy, and they shared a cute moment with both of their baby daughters. Granted, the moms look like they're the ones having fun, but the babies still have some time to grow into their baseball love, which I am sure they will.

All in all, Legend, Teigen, and Luna had a perfect Sunday family fun day, and it's safe to say they are probably VIPs from here on out.