14 Pretty Plus Size Bralettes With Some Structure

Being a plus size person with breasts — be them big ones, small ones, or any type of boob in between — finding a pretty plus size bralette that supports you can be tough. Either the back size is all wrong, the length is nowhere near long enough, or they're just plain ugly. Or you know, any other problem you can think of, from wearing a top that is trying to be a bra (without actually pulling the weight) to fulfilling the role my bra has in my heart and on my chest.

I mean sure, bralettes are cute enough to risk freeing the nipple, but the back pain? Not my jam. Which is why finding plus size bralettes that are designed to be as supportive as they are pretty is so important, and usually, so hard. Thankfully, with a pinch of faith, dust, and some severe research, finding a varied collection of plus size bralettes with supportive fits in a range of sizes and designs was possible. I managed it, and now I am here to pass on the wisdom to my fellow plus size pals who want to dress their breasts in a bralette that helps with both their aesthetic, and their aches and pains.

1. Lace Ladder Bralette

Lace Ladder Bralette (3X-5X) , $35, Amazon

You don't need me to tell you that caged styles are in this season, but combining that element with lace takes it to the next level. The three elastic bands across the front are bound to help support-wise, too.

9. The Romantic Era

Lasricas Lace Leisure Bra (32BCD-44BCD) , $20, Amazon

Another bralette for my small boobed pals still seeking bralettes with a more structured fit: With thick straps and removable pads to hide (or not hide) your nips, as well as a hidden support system — but no wires, don't worry — this bralette is perfect for any petite breasted plus sized person.

2. The Obligatory Bandeau

Lace Bandeau (0X-3X), $20, Amazon

OK, I know bandeaus are notorious for not being supportive, but hear me out. This bandeau has straps and this bandeau is made by Torrid, who definitely know what they're doing regarding big people's breasts. Plus a personal tip from me to you: When wearing a bandeau, if you size down, then the bralette will keep your boobs safe and snug.

4. Lovely In Lace

Felina 2-pack Bralette (34-40 Band Size), $20, Amazon

Be warned big breasted buddies, this bralette doesn't specify how supportive it will be for larger cup sizes, but if you don't want too much support — just the natural lift of a racerback fit — then this style's band size (which goes up to a 40) could be a good fit. Plus, you can pick from a blue and white or gray and black two pack.

5. Leather Me Up

eVogues Strappy Leatherette Bralette (1X-3X), $25-$28, Amazon

This is, IMO, the perfect bralette to rock to the club in lieu of an actual top. It'll keep you and your breasts well ventilated while also looking totally badass.

3. If You Got It, Flaunt It

Pyramid Strappy Racerback Bralette (1X-4X), $35, Amazon

I love this bralette for daring to be low cut and letting us plus sizers show off our breasts. With moulded cups and a super pretty racerback, this bra will definitely give you all the support your sexy self needs.

6. Happy And Strappy

Strappy Lace Bralette (2X-5X), $35, Amazon

A much needed break from the dark toned bralettes, this bright red bralette is the perfect top to wear with a floaty skirt this summer or winter (with tights!). The straps add a fun edge and with adjustable shoulder straps, I'm sure this bralette will be one of the most supportive you've ever owned.

7. Let's Step It Up A Notch

Oh La La Cherie Plus Size Lace Bralette And Garter Belt (1X-4X Plus), $45-$52, Amazon

This comes as a two piece, but let's be honest, who wouldn't want both parts of this set? Although probably more of a longline bra than a bralette per se, it's being sold as a bralette, so I'm going to call it one. And it's definitely the sexiest bralette on this list by far.

8. Patterned Princess

Tile Print Crop Bralette (3X-4X), $33, Amazon

This is a fun, cute bralette in a '60s print that you could wear to bed, to the store, and to Coachella and be perfectly comfortable at all three. And I for one love to get more wear out of a garment than just one occasion, so I'm sure you do, too. It's made of a stretchy lace material that will be more than accommodating for any kind of bust.

10. I'm A Lumberjack And I Don't Care

Plaid Lace Crop Bralette (1X-5X), $33, Amazon

This bralette is perfect for lounging about the house, and who doesn't feel better when they feel pretty laying on the sofa all day? It tends to give me some weird sense of achievement anyway.

12. Athleisure Meets Lace

Trim Lace Bralette (1X), $29, Amazon

The trim along this bralette keeps it casual enough to wear as a night look, while the lace screams sass and sex appeal. This bralette is the embodiment of smart casual and actually gives me total Calvin Klein vibes.

11. Ooh La La

Lasricas Lace Leisure Bra (M-3XL), $16, Amazon

There's something about this bralette that just seems fancy AF to me, even though it's one of the cheapest on this list. It's just astonishingly beautiful and would look equally brilliant in the bedroom or layered under a lacy dress.

13. Orange You Glad

Crop Lace Bralette (2X-5X Plus) , $29, A mazon

This pretty orange bralette ticks all the boxes for me bralette wise: Pretty, supportive, affordable, and totally wearable for more than one occasion. What more does a plus size person need?

14. Lace-Up Bralette

Torrid Lace-Up Bralette (3X-5X), $35, Amazon

This gorgeous lace-up bralette could easily double as a crop top, and the wide band underneath the bust ensures you'll stay comfortable and supported all day (or night) long.

Hopefully this list has inspired you to venture into the world of plus size bralettes, if you were scared of the style before. No matter what kind of breasts you have, I'm sure they look fantastic and you should feel free to show them off in the bralette of your dreams.

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