Swatches Prove BECCA's Bronzed Amber Is Must-Have

If you haven’t already gotten a good look at BECCA’s latest highlighter shade, prepare to fall head over heels. Swatches of BECCA’s Bronzed Amber Shimmering Skin Perfector on different skin tones prove that this baby is versatile. It’s beautiful just sitting in its container, but when it’s swatched, the warm copper color really comes to life.

At first glance, Bronzed Amber appears a little dark, but based on the photos and videos the brand posted to Instagram and Snapchat, it can work for lighter skin tones, too. Actually, you can feel free to shop this shade no matter your complexion. It looked great on the light, medium and dark skin tones it was swatched against, and there’s plenty of proof that this shade could work for you online.

BECCA'S Bronzed Shimmering Skin Perfector, $38, Sephora

If you’re looking to amp up your fall beauty routine, this product is the way to go. It will give you color and highlight all at once for a glow that’s fit for the season. If you’d like to try and win the shade, BECCA’s doing a special Labor Day giveaway. Lucky winners will get to cop the highlighter, free of charge. But even if you don’t win, this shimmery stunner is worth a purchase. I’ll let the swatches do the talking from here on out, but here’s one last little tip: go on and have your wallet handy.

Just look at that bronze goodness.

BECCA'S Bronzed Shimmering Skin Perfector, $38, Sephora

Bronzed Amber will supply plenty of color and shimmer.

It's just the kind of warm shade your cheeks will need come fall.

This highlighter will have you beaming all season long.

A highlight that can work for everyone? Clearly, this product's got range.

BECCA'S Bronzed Shimmering Skin Perfector, $38, Sephora

BECCA's concocted just the right blend of colors to create their latest item. So naturally, you're going to want to add it to your makeup bag, ASAP.

Images: beccacosmetics/Instagram (1); beccacosmetics/Snapchat (3); Courtesy BECCA Cosmetics (1)