Michelle's Career Didn't End With Destiny's Child

With Beyoncé's reign over the VMAs stage, over the music industry, over the entire world, it's safe to say that we know exactly what it is that Queen Bey is doing in her post-Destiny's Child career (slaying the everloving hell out of every performance she's ever done, that is for damn sure). We've even been aware of what Kelly Rowland has been up to (churning out some mid-00's slow jams with Nelly, becoming a mom). But what has Michelle Williams done since Destiny's Child? I say that with absolutely zero shade or ill-will intended — of the three ladies of Destiny's Child, Williams is arguably the one who has flown under the radar the most, and fans are undoubtedly curious as to what she's been doing in the years since.

First of all, let me just say that Williams (who, yes, shares a name with Jen from Dawson's Creek) hasn't exactly ever left the spotlight. Sure, she may not have had surefire hits like her former DC bandmates, but she's still going strong — both in the music industry and in her career in general (did you know that Williams has been a bonafide Broadway star multiple times?) Well, you're about to find out. Read on to see what the singer has been up to all these years.

She Reunited With Queen Bey & Kelly On Her Gospel Single

Not just for the Superbowl, but on her gospel single "Say Yes." In 2014, after years of releasing solo albums, she released a gospel album, Journey to Freedom, which even featured a little bit of Destiny's Child action.

She Starred On Broadway

Williams also had her fill of taking her voice (and acting chops!) to Broadway, starring in both Aida (as the titular character) for several months between 2003-2004 and later in Chicago (as Roxie Hart), for a run in 2010. And that's not the only theater she's done: The singer has also toured the country in The Color Purple and Fela! and just recently (as in, a few weeks ago) reprised her role as Aida at the MUNY theater in St. Louis.

She's Survived Heartache

While promoting her MUNY run of Aida, Williams revealed on Instagram that she's "been through enough failed love relationships" to relate to her character. In 2004, she reportedly broke off an engagement according to ContactMusic. But she survived the heartache and seems to be super happy now.

She's Inspiring Women Of Color

Williams is also super active on social media, keeping fans updated on her every action on Twitter and Instagram. And that "every action" includes being a motivational speaker on the Ladies That Lead tour, which "highlights influential women of color; who can inspire other women by sharing their strategies and journey to success," according to their website.

She Apparently Found The Fountain Of Youth

Like her former Destiny's Child bandmates, Williams literally looks exactly the same as she did when she was in the group. As in, she hasn't aged a day and looks just as stunning as ever.

So essentially, Williams has taken her career as a member of Destiny's Child and become a bonafide Broadway star, badass entrepreneur, and, as a black woman in the industry, someone who can inspire countless others.

Rock on, Michelle Williams. Rock on.