Are You a Destiny's Child Superfan?

by Kadeen Griffiths

In case you haven't heard, Michelle Williams released the music video for "Say Yes", which featured cameos from Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland. Which means, of course, that Destiny's Child essentially got back together, if only for the duration of a single and video. If Williams' video gave you '90s flashbacks, then that was probably the intention. Rowland might have a World Cup single, Beyoncé might be Beyoncé, and Williams might be singing Gospel now, but any time they are together they will always be Destiny's Child to us.

Watching Williams' video was like watching several Destiny's Child videos all spliced together, if not literally then at least emotionally. The girls were having so much fun together that it was like not a single second had passed since all of their music videos used to be done together. "Say Yes" certainly honored the spirit of your average Destiny's Child video, featuring professional dancers, the girls laughing and singing and dancing along, camera close-ups on their faces and the crowds, and not enough Beyoncé.

Naturally, if you just take random screen caps from the video, it might be a little hard to differentiate it from a Destiny's Child video. Are you a Destiny's Child and Michelle Williams superfan? If so, see if you can figure out which of the screen caps below belong to which music video.


Answer: Michelle Williams. This group hug is the closing scene from "Say Yes" and is probably the cutest moment in the entire video.

Answer: Destiny's Child. As raising their hands to the sky might be to the religious imagery of "Say Yes", this scene is actually from "Survivor".

Answer: Michelle Williams. Beyoncé could only look this angelic on behalf of a Gospel like "Say Yes". Then again, Beyoncé wakes up like this.

Answer: Destiny's Child. In case you couldn't tell from the hair alone, this scene comes from "Survivor". There was no back-to-back backup singing in Williams' video.


Answer: Destiny's Child. The clothes are probably a dead giveaway, but this group dance scene came specifically from "Lose My Breath".

Answer: Destiny's Child. Williams' video was equally colorful, but these artfully torn dresses were from "Survivor".

Answer: Michelle Williams. As frequent as it is to see the three girls dancing together in every video, this one came from "Say Yes".

Answer: Destiny's Child. Although these colorful, flowing dresses would have fit in perfectly in "Say Yes", they came from "Independent Woman - Part I".


Answer: Michelle Williams. These legs belong to Michelle Williams and they get a lot of exercise from her dance moves in "Say Yes".

Answer: Destiny's Child. This alleyway dance battle happened in "Lose My Breath" because the only people who could dance battle against Destiny's Child is Destiny's Child.

Answer: Michelle Williams. This group dance scene came from "Say Yes" because Destiny's Child weren't the only people around to give Jesus his props.

Answer: Destiny's Child. They might look vaguely like they're praying, but in this scene from "Independent Woman - Part I", they're bowing after they've just finished kicking ass.


If you got less than six of them right, that's all the indication you need to settle in with a bowl of popcorn and watch all of Destiny's Child's music videos again. It might be weird to watch some of their early ones and see women other than Michelle Williams in the bunch, especially since it's hard to imagine the group without her now, but Destiny's Child has always been amazing. Why else would we still be so obsessed?

Image: Tumblr