Zimmerman Protests Turn Violent in L.A.

A peaceful demonstration over George Zimmerman's acquittal at Leimert Park in Los Angeles became violent Monday, leading to at least two injuries and multiple arrests.

Officials say that around 150 youths left the non-violent vigil in support of Trayvon Martin in L.A.'s Leimont Park, and began stomping on cars, breaking windows, starting blazes and attacking several people, including a reporter and his cameraman, one of whom had to go to hospital.

Some of the rioters also reportedly ransacked a Walmart and a local mall, using the opportunity to steal merchandise and destroy furniture and store displays.

"It originally started out as a peaceful protest…and we certainly support that, in fact encourage people to peacefully protest, exercise their First Amendment rights," said an LAPD official.

But another LAPD officer cautioned that the violence on Monday "does not advance the cause of Trayvon Martin or his memory."

According to police officials, at least 13 people were arrested following the attacks.

Meanwhile, one of the six female jurors who acquitted Zimmerman of Trayvon Martin's murder has spoken out, revealing that half of the panel originally wanted to convict him.

According to juror B-37, the panel ultimately decided that Zimmerman truly feared for his life when he pulled the trigger.

"There was a couple of them in there that wanted to find him guilty of something. And after hours and hours and hours of deliberating about the law and reading it over and over and over again, we decided there's just no way or other place to go," the juror said.

But B-37 added that she believed Zimmerman "shouldn't have gotten out of that car," adding that "the operator kind of egged him on."

"If anything, Zimmerman was guilty of not using "good judgment," the juror said.

According to a Tweet by literary agent Sharlene Martin, B-37 will no longer be writing a book.