This Bey Song Deserves Way More Love

Considering Lemonade's global success, it's hard to imagine that there are any Beyoncé songs that don't get enough recognition. Surely, every song that Queen Bey releases is pretty much required listening for the population of the entire world? You'd think so — but that's not always the case. Because the population of the world is only human, sometimes, great, underrated songs fly under the radar and don't get the recognition they deserve. That's devastating news, but luckily, it's never too late to go back and review what you've missed. For instance: Now. It's the perfect time to revisit Bey's back catalog and add at least song to all of your playlists immediately. Like, say, Beyoncé's track "Countdown," which was part of her 2011 album 4 . That song should be way more popular than it is.

Even though it was released as a single, "Countdown" was nowhere near as successful as it should've been. The track, which was released in 2011 just like 4 was, features a sample from "Uhh Ahh" by Boyz II Men, and plays around with multiple musical genres and styles — all of which is proof of how ambidextrous Queen Bey is when it comes to making music. It even has a stunning music video, which includes about a million costume changes, multiple dance routines, and numerous retro inspirations. Clearly, I'm not alone in thinking that it's one of the most underrated Beyoncé songs of all time as the video has had almost 116 million views on YouTube to date. Despite this, "Countdown" didn't achieve the chart success it should have: According to Billboard, it spent four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and peaked at 71 before dropping off at 83.

It's a shame, because "Countdown" is such an awesome, upbeat track, and the accompanying music video is well worth re-watching right now. The singer was even heavily pregnant when she filmed it, so technically, Blue Ivy made an appearance as well. Additionally, with the amount of costume changes and wigs she goes through, "Countdown" is one of her most interesting music videos to watch.

While it didn't quite achieve the success it should have, "Countdown" is evidence of Beyoncé's inspirations and aspirations. It's an ambitious song, with an intricate R&B beat, and multiple tempo changes to keep things interesting. If you needed any further evidence that she is the queen, "Countdown" is it.