Is The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Wedding Emily's?

If you have two eyes in your head and a functioning heart in your chest, you're probably almost as excited as I am about the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival. As an extremely sentimental individual, I cannot tell a lie: I'm particularly excited about the rumored upcoming wedding scene. Now, most people have been assuming this would be Lorelai or Rory's wedding — but, if you're not so sure and are still asking yourself who's getting married on Gilmore Girls , I'm so with you. After all, why are we only considering the younger Gilmores? Let's be real: Emily Gilmore could be the dark horse contender that nobody's considered for the role of blushing bride.

Let's backtrack some: What wedding? We first learned that there was likely going to be a wedding scene in the revival thanks to one fan's Instagram photo. While taking a tour of the Warner Bros. studio, a fan noticed a prop labelled "Wedding" as part of the Gilmore Girls set. Cue internet meltdown. While there's been tons of speculation about Rory or Lorelai being the ones getting hitched, Emily's been skimmed over. In my opinion, this isn't very logical, since, as a widowed character, Emily Gilmore is also romantically available — it just depends on whether she wants to date or not after Richard.

Emily not wanting to date could definitely be a reality — Richard's death obviously impacted her heavily. As creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed to TVLine, Richard's death (as well as the death of the actor who played him, Edward Herrmann, in 2014) hugely influenced how she wrote all the Gilmores in the revival:

"It’s later in their lives and we’re meeting up with them and finding out what they’ve been doing but, more than that, that all three of their lives are going to change. And for Emily, it had to be that Richard was gone. And what did that mean? What does it mean for all three of the girls? [A tragedy like that] brings up thoughts of, 'Where am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?' Because it’s mortality. Something they loved is gone, which means things you love will not be around forever. And you can’t take them for granted."

This, to me, is quite a telling statement. Emily, historically, has been somebody preoccupied by how her life seemed to other people and whether what she, Rory, and Lorelai did could be perceived as respectable. But this statement suggests a profound evolution for her: perhaps she'll pay less attention to etiquette and more attention to not taking the things (or people?) she loves for granted. Translation? If Emily finds a man who means a lot to her, this statement could suggest she might commit sooner than she might have in her youth. As such, I don't think the fact that winter is set four months after Richard passes away necessarily poses a convincing argument against Emily being the one getting married.

Besides, an Emily wedding would be a great way for the show upturning expectations. It's the plot twist nobody saw coming. There have been so, so many thinkpieces on who could be getting married since that Instagram photo dropped, but so far, speculation that the bride could be Emily is thin on the ground.

Another clue: the prop in the Instagram above is pretty fancy. It certainly doesn't look very Luke n' Lorelai — they've always been so grounded — and unless Rory is getting hitched to Logan, I can't imagine her having such a lavish wedding either. Honesty, the only person on the show who has such extravagant tastes is, yep, Ms. Emily Gilmore.

So, here's me calling it: I believe it will be the one, the only Emily Gilmore finding the happy ending she so richly deserves in such a difficult time.

Images: Warner Bros. TV, Netflix