The Luxury Of 'Below Deck's New Yacht Is Costly

Another season of Below Deck, another opportunity to imagine what it would be like to have a yacht of your very own. This season's ship may be the most luxurious yet, so out of curiosity, how much would it cost to buy Valor? Buying a yacht of any size, shape, type, or quality is probably out of range for most people — let alone one like Valor, but hey, it's always fun to imagine, right? Saving up in order to buy a superyacht may be an unattainable goal, but it's pretty harmless, like hoping to be on the shortlist for Fashion Week invitations or dreaming of owning a professional basketball team. Or, maybe it's not a goal and you just love finding out how much stuff costs. Either way, because yachts seem to frequently change hands, there is some reliable information out there about how much the Valor costs.

The yacht can be booked through Burgess Yachts, and according to company, the asking price for the BG/Valor is $11,990,000. Now that's fun and reasonable: just $12 million for your very own boat/TV filming location! While the price is certainly out of reach for just about everyone who's not a celebrity/bajillionaire, the price can be justified by the 154-foot Valor's many luxurious features.

Of all the superyacht guides, your go-to should be YachtCharterFleet, which always features a deep-dive on the Below Deck yachts before each season starts. According to its article about the history of the "Valor," the boat's real name is BG, and it hails from the Netherlands, so it has a Northern European flair, though it will be right at home around the British Virgin Isles during the filming of Below Deck Season 4. It is referred to as "the yachting equivalent of a Rolls Royce," which to me suggests that if James Bond owned a yacht, it would be this one.

And whether the owner of the yacht is a British superspy or not, they'll be amazed to see the ship's amenities. According to Burgess, there are six cabins that can accommodate up to a dozen guests, and, of course, there's room for a crew to take care of your every need. Other features of the ship, according to Burgess?

"The unique dining salon has a patina and rosewood table, featuring a spectacular custom-built wine wardrobe displaying 120 bottles. The bridge deck aft boasts a phenomenal exterior dining and entertaining area with projector screen. A stylish jacuzzi area and large sun pad area provides panoramic views from the sun deck."

The Valor/BG was recently renovated by designer Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, which, according to YCW, was a big deal. Because of that makeover, the Valor looks a little different than some of the other boats that have hosted Below Deck seasons. It's very modern, and more inspired by minimalism than it its by old-world Mediterranean luxury. Think lots of white linens as opposed to polished gold finishes. It should still be a big chore for the crew to clean up, but it might suggest that this season will draw new kinds of guests. Of course, there's always going to be one big similarity between all of the Below Deck charter guests, which holds true for anyone who owns a superyacht — you'll need a lot of cash to set sail.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo