Beyonce Gives Fans A Gift On HER Birthday

Beyonce turned 35 on Sunday, Sept. 4, marking a very special occasion for the Queen B and her Beyhive. Naturally, the artist's fans all around the world are saluting her on this day, but being the benevolent queen she is, Bey has given her fans a gift on her birthday. The Beyhive got to unwrap their own present on Sunday when Beyonce posted the solo video for "Hold Up" from her visual album Lemonade. On a day she should be celebrating the amazingness that is herself, Bey has given her fans the best gift they could ask for — you know, other than Lemonade itself, tickets to her Formation tour, or her epic VMAs performance last week.

As of right this second, "Hold Up" is available for streaming on YouTube, so you can celebrate Beyonce's 35th birthday by playing it on repeat and being inspired by "Hot Sauce" (the name of the infamous bat in the video). It's safe to say that "Hold Up" is now the third single from Lemonade, which was released earlier this year as a visual masterwork, a feast for the senses, and an amazing collection of songs. If you need to re-jog your memory, "Hold Up" is the song in which Bey declares her possessiveness over a lover ("Hold up, they don't love you like I love you") and struts around a city street, smashing cars, fire hydrants, and cameras with a bat.

Previously, Beyonce released the songs and solo videos for "Formation" and "Sorry" to YouTube, allowing fans everywhere to slay all day and ponder "Becky with the Good Hair." This is huge news — and a really sweet birthday gift to her fans — because not all of us have Tidal (the music service that has the exclusive rights to Lemonade). So now, at least three songs and solo videos are out their for mass consumption, letting the spirit of Lemonade continue to inspire throughout the rest of 2016.

Thanks, Bey, for this amazing gift given on your very own birthday.

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