Your BeautyBlender May Help You Apply This Product

If you ask certain cosmetics lovers or makeup artist, they'll tell you that the number one tool in a makeup kit is a BeautyBlender. These sponges have become the holy grail of tools for many, but can they apply more than foundation? BeautyBlender blush application is one of the more popular ways to use the little pink sponge as it turns out. In fact, it appears that the method of application was so popular that the brand released a BeautyBlender specifically for blush application. If you weren't sold on the sponge before, the fact that you can use it to apply more than one product may be changing your mind, right?

There are some caveats to applying blush with a BeautyBlender, though. It's not all peach tones and rainbows in makeup land. You need to understand how the sponge works and what types of blush it can apply seamlessly. When I say that you can apply blush with a BeautyBlender, I'd probably recommend going with a cream formula for the most natural look if your a beginner with the sponge. While a damp BeautyBlender and translucent powder is a great way to set your under eye — a la Jaclyn Hill — using it to blend a powder blush can be a bit more tricky for a newbie.

Instead, apply cream blush with a BeautyBlender. If you're using one of the signature sponges already, you're probably already rocking a liquid or cream foundation. For the most natural look, a cream blush is the way to go. With a damp blender, gently press and bounce the product into your skin, and you've got a seamless look.

However, this doesn't mean your powder blush is out. BeautyBlender's BeautyBlusher is the answer to your blush application needs. The perfectly sized blender make applications much easier, and since it's made specifically for blush, you won't need to worry about mixing other products onto the sponge.

BeautyBlender BeautyBlusher, $16, Amazon

While you may not have been on the BeautyBlender train, learning that it can be used to apply blush has to change your mind at least a bit, right? With a natural, beautiful finish and ease of application, the BeautyBlender is actually the perfect tool so you obviously need to go buy 40 of them, right?

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy of brand