10 Things Only 2000s Kids Will Remember

It seems like 90s kids get all the love—what with all the constant "Only 90s kids will remember these amazing things" articles sprouting up every day or so. What about the 2000s kids—the people who were born in the year 2000 and after? Where are their internet articles? Not to worry, there are plenty of people on the internet who are already nostalgic about the early 2000s. For one, there's this Reddit thread in which users shared the things only 2000s kids will remember. Get your nostalgia hats on, kids. I don't know if that's even a thing (I suspect it isn't), but what do I know, I'm just an elderly 90s kid.

As much as I want to act like a fist-shaking, "get off my lawn"-yelling grandma, I have to admit the early 2000s were a great time. The early 2000s brought us amazing musical artists like Nelly and Ashanti, bangers like "Yeah" and "Get Low," and who can forget the infamous 50 Cent/Ja Rule beef? Aside from music, we had our own share of lovable fads like Myspace, early smart phones like the RAZR and Blackberry, and oh so much more. But anyway, the point of this isn't for me to wax poetic about the 2000s—though now I really am starting to wonder if I'm more of a 2000s kid than a 90s kid—the point is to read these Redditors' favorite 2000s memories and bond over the good old days.

1. When we had to play online games on an actual computer

YES. Before there was Pokemon Go, my friends and I were all obsessed with Red Beard. I loved that little guy.

2. When all our phones didn't have internet and we weren't forced to have a monthly data plan

Oh god. Yes. In those two seconds while frantically pressing the end button, I saw my phone bill skyrocketing and my life flashing before my eyes.

3. When our condiments were colored

I would also like to add when blue soda was a thing. It was a dark time for food.

4. When your coolness level was measured by how many rubber bracelets took up your arm

Between the Livestrong bracelets and its competitors, plus all those skinny rainbow-colored bracelets, and the bracelets you fashioned out of the blue things underneath the soda bottle caps, it was a wonder I could move my arms at all back then.

5. When we all secretly wanted a junk car so Xzibit could pimp it out

I mean, who doesn't want flames on the sides of their car and a jacuzzi in the back?

6. When phone games weren't so complex (but were just as addictive)

Phone games in general were so much simpler, and I would like to argue, better. I also loved Brick Breaker—can we bring that back?

7. When cows somehow had something to do with computers

And when Macs were colorful on the sides

8. When robotic dogs doubled as speakers

My sister had one of those iDogs, and it was actually pretty annoying and not as cool as it seemed. Also it goes without saying that TV shows were amazing back then.

9. When sneakers had wheels

Another Reddit user commented that Heelys are making a comeback, and I can only hope this is true.

10. When butterfly clips were the height of fashion

I have actually seen people wearing butterfly clips recently. In other words, don't ever throw away anything because it will make a comeback in your lifetime.