Celebs Who Love 'Cursed Child' As Much As You Do

For HP die-hards, the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (both the book and the two-part play in London's West End) was a certainly an occasion worth celebrating. Fans threw it back to the early '00s with midnight release parties, reading the play straight through the night and traveling far and wide to attend the actual stage play in England. But like any obsession, it's not just those in the fandom who fangirl hard over Harry Potter: Celebs love Cursed Child just as much as you do. And their love for the play is all over social media.

As to be expected, dozens of actors from the Harry Potter film franchise took the Hogwarts Express straight to the West End to see the show in action, but the HP celeb love didn't stop there: Everyone — from Emma Watson to Chris Pine, Ben Affleck to Seth Green, Margot Robbie to Darren Criss — has let their Cursed Child love be known. So next time you're contemplating getting that lightning bolt tattoo inked on your skin, remember: Zachary Quinto may be sitting in the tattoo parlor right next to you (psst: he's a fan).

Check out 11 celebs below who are all about Cursed Child.

1. Emma Watson

Double dose of Hermione.

2. Rupert Grint

Cannot deal with the excitement.

3. Basically The Entire Cast Of The Harry Potter Movies

As it should be.

4. Ben Affleck

Batman even brought his daughter Violet to the show (he has his hand on her shoulders).

5. Margot Robbie

Yep: She's in there, too!

6. Chris Pine

When fantasy fandoms collide.

7. Zachary Quinto

...Part two.

8. Darren Criss

Darren Criss also attended with Margot Robbie and Ben Affleck.

9. Helena Bonham Carter

Another Harry Potter star/living icon.

10. Seth Green

Seth Green also obsessed.

11. Clare Grant

As did Castle actor Clare Grant.

I mean... J.K. Rowling might as well rename the play Harry Potter and the Curse of Celebrities. Copyright me.