Is Jami Single After 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

When one Canadian exited Bachelor in Paradise 3, another arrived in Mexico to bring that Great White North flair to Mexico. The ever-quotable Daniel Maguire was eliminated from the show a few weeks ago, but Jami Letain arrived not-too-long after to pick up where his Canadian flag speedo left off. So you might be wondering if this Canuck had better luck on the show and is Jami single after Bachelor in Paradise ? There's been no official word or confirmation from Jami herself, but there have been a few clues via her social media accounts.

Jami has shared some lonely, but super relatable tweets recently. This weekend, she tweeted, "Nothing stings like liking someone that doesn't share the same feelings #friendzoned" (so true), and "Someone in my apartment building is having a party. I'm sitting at home alone. #wheresmyinvite" (word). It sounds like perhaps Jami left Paradise without a true love.

When the Canadian bartender arrived in Mexico, she asked out Wells Adams, and they had a blast on their date at a waterfall. Last week, Bachelor in Paradise left off with Wells torn between three women: Jami, Ashley I., and Shushanna. While Wells is rightfully becoming a hot commodity at Playa Escondida, this leaves Jami in a tough spot going into the finale this week — should she wait it out with the popular Nashville DJ or should she try to find love with someone else before Paradise comes to an end.

Whatever Jami's relationship status is, she's been super busy after Bachelor in Paradise ended, according to her Instagram account.

She Went To Vegas With Some Bachelor Alums

Some people may not going on Bachelor franchise shows to make friends, but hey, some actually do make some friends. Jami recently venturing to another Paradise in Nevada — also known as Las Vegas — with Jen Saviano, Lauren Himle, and Shushanna Mkrtychyan.

She Celebrated Her Friends' Engagements

Some more evidence that Jami is single for now: This photo of her celebrating a friends' engagements by (jokingly?) drinking wine straight from the bottle. Word, Jami. She also made a self-aware joke in the caption: "'Gonna start adopting cats now'-some crazy chick from The Bachelor," she wrote.

She's Been Working Out

Jami has been back in her home base of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada and she's been working up a sweat this summer.

She's Been Hanging Out With Family

Jami has posted photos on IG of her hanging with her dad (above) and her brother Jesse during the summer months.

She Found A Dog

Jami wrote in an IG post that she doesn't "own a dog but I am quite creative in finding dogs." That's quite a talent to have.

She's Dancing It Out

Single, taken, who cares? Sometimes you just got to dance off the blues with friends and move on.

So while it doesn't look like Jami found love on Bachelor in Paradise, it looks like she's still a catch for someone new.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC