Amanda Seyfried Accidentally Boards Flight With a Knife, & Calls Out the TSA After

There are a lot of reasons that airport security needs to be top notch, but here's a new, unexpected one: If it's not, celebrities will call them out on Twitter. According to E! Online, Amanda Seyfried accidentally boarded an airplane with a knife, after it went undetected in her bag at airport security. Obviously, she was appalled when she discovered the knife amongst her belongings, and proceeded to call them out on Twitter about it. 'Cause you know...somebody might attempt to purposefully board a plane with a knife.

Seyfried wrote on Twitter: "Dear TSA: This Swiss Army knife wasn't detected through security and I unknowingly carried it on board. Scary!"

Airport security checks make you take off your belt and shoes because anything can be used as a weapon or a hiding place for one — but they can't detect a knife? Really? It kind of makes you feel unsafe to think that a system so important to the nation's safety could be that poorly maintained, and things like weapons could slip through the cracks. Was it, perhaps, that Seyfried simply not adequately checked by TSA agents because she's a celebrity?

Seyfried has already expressed that she doesn't want to be fawned over at airports: Back in February, she shouted "I hate American Airlines!" when fans and photographers showed up at her gate at LAX, having figured out her flight time despite her not making the information public. I hate American Airlines, too, but because they don't give enough free snacks, and I wasn't a fan of their movie selection the last time I flew.

The Ted 2 star later tweeted her distaste for the airline: "Quiz: Which airline hires sweaty robot photographers to stalk their passengers? #businessasusual."

Moral of the story? Amanda Seyfried and airports/airlines just do not get along.