How To Be A Successful Outfit Repeater

Achieving peak street style greatness is a worthy goal every morning, but sometimes a flurry of snooze alarms, coffee dribbles, and mismatched socks happens instead. During rushed mornings, yesterday's outfit feels like an OK option — but then again, wearing the same thing twice can feel kind of boring. Luckily, there are hacks for repeating the same outfit multiple times a week that will make you feel just as fresh and stylish as you would waking up an hour early to deliberate between the pros and cons of wearing that hat with those shoes. Think about it: With these tricks, you could spend five minutes total on your outfit and still look like a million bucks.

Now, you can definitely keep things completely identical — there's nothing wrong with rocking the exact same favorite dress or romper several days in a row. Seriously: No judgment. However, there's something to be said about a process that becomes all the more interesting when you cleverly bring elements together to make it feel completely new. Below are 11 tips on how to wear repeat outfits multiple times a week without looking like you're uninspired or lazy. If anything, you know how to make your closet stretch, and that's a valuable thing. And if nothing else, here's that excuse you were looking for to perpetually wear your favorite sweater.

1. Play With Different Accessories

Don't ignore the power of a good handbag or statement belt — you can easily change the mood of an outfit when you steer it with your accessories. Fashion writer Meghan Blalock at WhoWhatWear suggested, "A waist belt can change the proportion entirely of a voluminous top or dress. Alternate between a statement necklace, a statement earring, or a wristful of chunky bracelets." Also keep in mind that you can create a completely new theme with your accessories: Pair a fringe purse and fur vest with your dress and you have a boho look. But if you go with a pair of Nikes and a baseball cap tomorrow, you've gone full-blown sporty with the same outfit foundations.

2. Experiment With Your Outerwear

Jackets, vests, and cardigans can go a long way when it comes to changing the feel of an outfit. Fashion writer Merrick White shared an example with lifestyle site Babble, stating, "Throw a denim jacket on over the top and wear a pair of booties. Suddenly a dress that is technically pretty fancy is pretty casual!" Reaching for a utility vest will help make your look casual, while going for a sheepskin vest will nudge it into bohemian territory. Adding a colorful cardigan can help you feel more quirky, while going with a tailored black blazer will give you a crisp, minimalist look.

3. Go HAM With Button-Ups

Whatever your piece in question is, chances are a button-up can probably make it feel different. Fashion blogger Audrey Tom from Putting Me Together advised, "Button-ups are nice because, while the completer pieces I previously mentioned go on top of the rest of the outfit, button-ups do both , layer underneath something and layer on top of things." For example, add some interest to a knit by adding a collared shirt underneath it and letting the hem hang from underneath the sweater. You can also throw it underneath a strapless or sleeveless dress as a layering opportunity, or toss it on top of a casual smock and leave it unbuttoned. On the flip side, you can also throw it on top of a dress and button it up all the way, turning the frock into a skirt. Don't underestimate the power of this workhorse.

4. Add A Different Pop Of Color

Let's use a printed skirt in this example: If you pair it with a neutral top, you have a reserved and minimalist outfit. But if you pair it with another colorful, printed blouse, you have a look that's wildly different. Blalock pointed out, "Colored tights, a bright lip, or a shiny little handbag adds an instant refresh." To prove to yourself how much a little color can change your look, pull all the pieces out of your wardrobe that could go with said skirt, and watch the outfit change as you mix and match!

5. Tweak The Silhouette

If you have a flowy midi dress, pop a belt on it to make it feel different. If you have a sleeveless dress, layer a button-up underneath it. Or say you have a cardigan — try buttoning it up and tucking it into the waistband of a skirt. By playing with the silhouette of a piece in question, you turn it into something completely new. Blalock recommended, "For example, you can make a button-up feel entirely different, for instance, by tucking it in, buttoning it up, popping the collar, or rolling the sleeves." It's that easy.

6. Experiment With Shoes

A dress will look completely different when it's paired with high heels versus when it's contrasted with oxfords or masculine bluchers. Experiment with your footwear to try and bring a new zing to your outfit. White confirmed, "If you're wanting to change the look of your outfit, try a pair of statement heels, like my pair of red peep-toe bow pumps. It helps to make your outfit feel completely new!" Don't be afraid to get a little weird with your choices — venturing outside the box will lead you to some amazing, new looks.

7. Go Monochrome

And if you can't go completely monochrome, try playing with the same color family. For example, if you have a cream colored cable knit sweater, try matching it with white pants, a beige scarf, taupe booties, and a light grey cross body bag. The change in styling will make it feel completely new. Fashion site Fashion Policeng suggested, "Go head-to-toe. Whether white, black, nude, or burgundy — a head-to-toe outfit will give the illusion of newness." Try it out with one of your over-used, favorite pieces and watch it transform in the mirror!

8. Aim For Non-Traditional Combos

Don't be afraid to toe the line with your mix and matching in order to create something streetstyle worthy. To make a dress feel new again, add a crop top to turn it into a high waisted skirt, or tie a jacket around the waist of a slinky dress as a makeshift belt. Fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein told WhoWhatWear, "Go for nontraditional clothing combos! T-shirts work well under dresses, or try layering your dress over a pair of jeans." By getting creative with your layering, you can unlock some untapped outfit combinations.

9. Throw Their Scent Off With A Print

Prints are a great tool to completely transform a piece of clothing — think about it, adding a floral top underneath a sleeveless dress or adding printed pants to a simple repeat sweater makes it feel brand spankin' new. Mary Lawless advised WhoWhatWear, "Use varying prints to draw the eye in and focus on different components of an outfit." If you wore the same denim jacket with a week of varying printed dresses, chances are no one would notice that jacket's overuse. It works!

10. Go With Casual Kicks

No matter what piece you're working with, chances are swapping your footwear for sporty options such as running shoes or Vans will completely change the vibe of the look. Fashion Policeng offered, "Swap your heels to sneakers to wear with unexpected pieces, such as dress, suit, and skirts." By adding casual kicks to an outfit that doesn't usually warrant it, you make the combination feel fresh and exciting again.

11. Play Up Your Contrasts

For example, if you have a dressier piece, give it new life by adding sporty elements to it. Or if you have a minimalist look, turn it around from the day prior by throwing on a statement purse or loud scarf. Blogger Julie Sarinana offered to WhoWhat Wear, "Wearing a feminine outfit one day? Opt for a more masculine look the next." By focusing on contrasts, you make an old outfit feel new again.

So if you find yourself reaching for the same look over and over again, don't feel bad. Instead, take it as an opportunity to flex those styling skills and make it look unrecognizable.

Images: @rantiinreview/ Instagram