How To Wear The Same Outfit Multiple Times A Week

While some may gasp in horror at the idea of wearing the same clothes more than once a week, to others it's a dream come true. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, you might be interested in hacks to know if you like repeating the same outfit multiple times a week. There’s something so calming about wearing the same threads more than once a week – I should know because I wore the same outfit, hair, and makeup for an entire week. Of course, I’m not saying you should go to the extreme of looking exactly the same each and every day, as that would take the fun out of fashion and variety is the spice of life, right?

However, there are many benefits to wearing the same outfit more than once a week. To start, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear each morning; the choice is taken out of your hands and most of the hard work is done for you. In addition to this, you can focus on what’s really important to you – instead of taking up valuable brain space weighing up outfit choices, you could be planning your latest passion project. In the long run, you’ll also save yourself a bunch of money and make the move towards a more minimal lifestyle too.

So if you’re a little perplexed as to where to start with this venture, here are some handy hacks to repeating the same outfit multiple times a week.

1. Pick A Neutral Base

Gabby Twist Front Cut Out Detail Dress, $20,

You're going to need to choose something that can be worn for multiple occasions (such as work, lounging, going out to dinner etc) that can also be used as a blank canvas. If you stick to a monochrome color palette – so anything black, white, gray, or tan would work best – then most things in your wardrobe can be paired with it.

Rib Knit Skater Dress, $58.90,

If you need something a little more dressy for your working week, a black skater dress is the perfect piece to wear from your morning coffee on your commute, to an after work date.

2. Adorn Yourself

Right On Cube Collar Necklace, $25,

A statement necklace adds a certain pizzazz to your outfit, so you can bedazzle everyone around you and take the focus off your main attire. Because, as Billy Flynn sings in Chicago , "How can they see with sequins in their eyes?"

3. Hosiery Is Your New BFF

Black And White Cushioned Knee-High Crew Socks, $4.89,

Socks and tights are an easy way to change up your outfit. For example, a pair of over-the-knee, varsity style socks will lend your look an atheleisure feel.

Disney Collection Minnie Mouse Tights, $9.97,

If you want to go down the cute route, flaunt a pair of tights with an adorable, animal inspired twist like these Minnie Mouse tights.

4. Layer It Up

Stand the Test of Timeless Cardigan, $49.99,

You'll look like you're sporting something entirely different if you wear a cool cardigan or sweater atop your understated dress – no-one will be any the wiser. This style is available in sizes S to 4X.

5. Experiment With Outerwear

Simply Be Fishnet Bomber Jacket, $57.50,

Play peek-a-boo with a mesh jacket that will give your outfit an instant edginess during the daytime.

Velvet Pocket Duster Coat, $135,

Or go down the formal route with a velvet pocket duster coat in the evenings.

6. Add Something Cute & Kooky

Play In The Ivy Leagues Hat, $26.99,

An unusual accessory, like a vintage hat puts an entirely different spin on your outfit.

7. Try Different Shoes On For Size

When you're putting an outfit together, the last thing you want is to fall at the last hurdle and ruin it with a pair of shoes that look out of sorts with the rest of your ensemble. That being said, if you're wearing a simple T-shirt dress or a casual LBD, you'll probably find that most of your shoes can be worn with this attire. The great thing is a pair of shoes can really change the look of the rest of your outfit; a pair of heels will make you look professional and ready for drinks after work, whereas a pair of ankle boots will ensure you're ready for any weather while giving your look a more laid back vibe. If you're planning on wearing the same outfit for a few consecutive days in a row, wear a different pair of shoes each day to keep your fashion game strong.

8. Mix Up Your Makeup

Now I'm not saying you need to try out the most outrageous beauty trends – unless of course, you're into that – but rather, try something new. Your work colleagues, friends, and family will probably be so enthralled with your new look that they won't even notice you've been wearing the same outfit five days in a row.

9. Belt It Up

A cool belt will add a pop of color or detail to an otherwise plain outfit. Play around with different sizes and styles to totally change the vibe of your overall ensemble.

10. Stay Chic With Scarves You Can Wear All Day

Tie a neckerchief around your neck for a cutesy vintage vibe, wear a chiffon scarf for an easy ethereal feel, or get all cozy in the fall with a blarf draped over your shoulders and secured around your waist with a belt – the options are endless!

11. Hand Wash All The Way

There's no way you're going to want to make multiple trips to the launderette during the week, especially if you're working or taking care of your family. The quickest and easiest way to keep your outfit looking, feeling, and smelling fresh is to give it a swift hand wash at home. Make sure that if you plan on washing your outfit, you've given it enough time to dry if you want to wear it the next day too.

If you enjoy wearing the same outfit multiple times a week, you'll never look boring again with these helpful hacks!

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