'Zoo' Won't Return For A While To CBS

For me, the return of fall is always bittersweet, largely in part because it means we have to bid farewell to all of our beloved summer shows — and, unfortunately, next on the docket is CBS' animal-centric series, Zoo, which will air its two-hour season finale on Tuesday evening. Given the show's history, fans should expect an action-packed ending, that will leave all of us — much like the wild animals themselves — hungry for more and very curious as to when Zoo Season 3 will premiere in the upcoming months. Sadly, this comes with both good and bad news.

The good news is that the network has, in fact, already picked the series up for a third season, so you can dive headfirst into this finale with the full confidence that it won't be the last episode you'll ever watch. However, the bad news is that you're most likely going to be waiting for its return for quite some time because while no official release date has been announced, Zoo is known to be a summer series and has premiered in late June for both its first and second seasons. So it's only logical to assume that Season 3 will follow the same pattern, which means we're going to have quite a bit of time on our hands between then and now. Luckily for you, I have some great shows in mind for those looking for a distraction. If you love Zoo, then these are the shows for you...

Wayward Pines

Thrill seekers will love this nail-bitting series, which leaves many of its characters wondering whether or not they'll make it out of this town alive on a weekly basis — a sentiment many of the Zoo characters can relate to.

The 100

The world of Zoo may feel like a completely different world thanks to all of the violent animal attacks, but in the case of The 100, it really is a brand new world that these characters are forced to explore, which proves to be a lot more inhabited with other civilizations than they originally thought.

The Walking Dead

Sure, it's pretty much replacing animals with zombies, but the general premise is definitely the same: it's all about survival and the lengths you will go to save yourself as well as the people you love.

Penny Dreadful

From werewolves and witches to vampires and the devil himself, Penny Dreadful is loaded with terrifyingly captivating storylines that will never make you look at London the same way again.


Because the next step from animals eating humans is obviously humans eating humans. Bon appetit!

So sit back, relax, and let the marathoning commence!

Images: CBS; Giphy (5)