'Mistresses' Season 5 May Not Happen

The change of season means the change of what you'll find up on your TV screens. So now that the weather is at least trying to cool down, it's sadly time to watch some of our favorite summer shows come to a close — some of which whose fate has not yet been decided. Yes, believe it or not, ABC has yet to announce if Mistresses will get renewed for Season 5, which means this week's finale could very well be the last we see of these beloved ladies. Granted, that's definitely a worst case scenario and the network certainly still has plenty of time to make its decision, so we shouldn't going into full-on panic mode just yet.

Even so, though, it would certainly be more reassuring if we were going into this upcoming hiatus with the complete confidence that the show would eventually return, which means we could all use a good distraction right about now. Thankfully, there are plenty of other addictive TV shows out there that could assist us in our task. So if you're looking for something to fill the void Mistresses is sure to leave behind, temporarily or otherwise, here are a few must-see shows that all Mistresses fans are sure to love...


If you're into strong, powerful female characters then look no further than Emily Thorne, who does everything she can to exact revenge (hence the title) on those who framed her father for a crime he didn't commit. But in order to do that, she'll need to become just like the Hampton elite she hopes to punish. It's espionage meets fashion and you won't be able to get enough of it.


Ever wonder what you would do if you could go back and relive your 20s? Well, that's exactly what Liza does after lying about her age in order to help reboot her career. Sure, that means the foundation of most of her relationships is based on lies (hey, nobody is perfect), but it also helps to further validate the claim that age really is just a number.

The Royals

Secrets and lies are always interesting to discover. But royal secrets and lies is just downright scintillating. It's the kind of royal family you never knew you always wanted and will leave you entertained from start to finish.

Desperate Housewives

Suburban life has never looked so good, especially when these housewives of Wisteria Lane are involved. It's the perfect blend of sex and drama that will prove to be the perfect distraction to all of your Mistresses woes.

So even though the fate of Mistresses may still be undecided, at least take solace in knowing that these shows will be there for some good moral support, regardless of what the verdict ends up being.

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