Definitive Proof Beyoncé Had Her Best Birthday Yet

by Caitlyn Callegari

If you didn't know, or somehow didn't assume, Beyoncé's 35th birthday was kind of a big deal. How so? Well, not only is she now eligible to be president, but her plentiful celebrity friends celebrated her birthday like she already is. As per the amazingly amazing pictures and videos pleasantly plastered all over the internet, Beyoncé had a Soul Train themed birthday party that you'll wish you were invited to. Like, if you happen to peep these pictures and not experience some major FOMO, you are a far stronger person than I. What does a girl have to do to be included in Bey's personal Bey Hive?! *Pouts*

In addition to the party and major fun experienced by all at said event, Queen Bey's birthday was made even more spectacular by her longtime, tried and true best friend, Kelly Rowland. As E! News reports, Rowland gave her a "special gift," which happened to be diamonds. It's casual. I give all my friends diamonds for their birthdays, too. Except, you know, I don't. Diamonds, parties, Soul Train, oh my. Bey's birthday was exactly as great as you think it was and I have proof. A lot of it, because everyone that was there couldn't hide the great time that was had.

I Mean...

And it doesn't end there.

Usher And Jay Z Got All Decked Out

Too cool.

So Did Swizz Beats And Alicia Keys

A fantastic couple photo, if I do say so myself.

Swizz Even Got To Play Some Beats...

*Ba dum chh!*

Chance The Rapper And Bey Looked Fierce

What a duo.

Her Destiny's Child Girls Were There, Of Course

Their friendship gives me life.

And, Apparently, Kim Kardashian, Too

An on point selfie.

Jay Z And Bey Even Did A Dancing Duet Together

I'm screaming!

She Was So Appreciative Of The Party And People Who Came To Celebrate With Her


But, Let's Be Real, Nothing Can Top Blue Ivy Stealing The Show

It's too much!

So, yeah, Bey's birthday was the bee's knees. Obviously.