Here's Everything In Zoella's Lifestyle Line

If you're looking for a new way to decorate, then look no further. As if her beauty line and YouTube channel wasn't enough, Zoella is launching a lifestyle brand now too. What's in the Zoella Lifestyle line, you ask? The YouTuber gave a sneak peek on her Snapchat, and you're going to love it. Picture pretty and practical pieces all in one.

This is the moment that all Zoe Sugg fans have been waiting for. Basically, it's the classic Zoella style now in home decor. If you're not familiar with Sugg, let me break her career down for you. She's got over 11 million subscribers on YouTube, has written three books, and even has her own beauty line. Now she's opening it up to something even bigger — lifestyle.

Sugg gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the new collection on Snapchat. She showed off everything from adorable little planters to planners and throw pillows and even a few new beauty items. Everything has the simplistic, Zoella feel to it with trendy marble prints and cute sayings. There's no official news on when or where the items will launch, but the captions of the photos do saying "coming soon." That's something to be excited about.

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Part of what draws Sugg's fans to her channel is that she goes way beyond just the typical beauty videos on her YouTube channel. Now you can shop more than just her Zoella Beauty line too. The details are what makes the line so great. Here's everything that she's revealed from the line, so you can plan your next apartment makeup accordingly.

1. Throw Pillows

Does it get any cuter than this? I think not.

2. Keychains

They've thought of even the little things.

3. Planters

Tell me those aren't adorable and you'd be lying.

4. Planners

It's no secret that Sugg loves planners, so it only made sense that she included one in her collection.

It's all in the details!

5. Candles

This candle and sock combo is pretty much all you need this fall.

6. Pencils

There's even pencils to go with the planners.

It's almost too cute.

7. Diffusers

Each candle has a matching diffuser scent too.

8. Hand Sanitizer

She's also branching out to hand sanitizer.

9. Notebooks

So you can write your own story.

Complete with adorable quotes, of course.

Sugg has thought of everything! I can't wait to shop all the pieces.

Images: zoellalifestyle/Instagram (1), zoella/Snapchat (9)