The 13 Best Sales On Fall Coats

Goodbye sun-drenched bikinis, hello cozy outerwear — autumn is here, and it is here to stay. Your blood type may be pumpkin spice and you're probably mentally prepping yourself for the inevitable Halloween movie marathons, but has your wardrobe gotten the same treatment yet? Put down that PSL and add "shop the best sales on fall coats" to your to-do list ASAP.

Speaking as your stereotypical Californian gal who cannot survive in anything less than sixty degrees, outerwear is of particular importance in my wardrobe. Luckily, Mother Nature isn't calling for bulky winter coats just yet, so there's still the luxury of light layers and lots of stylistic elements to embrace. Think fringe, embroidery, cropped cuts — designs difficult to ace in the dead of December, but totally do-able in the fall season.

Am I gutted over the fact that I can no longer wear denim shorts and tanks without complaining about how "cold" the weather is? Yes, but then I remembered the silver lining: with autumn kicking in, I have yet another excuse for retail therapy. Everyone deserves a head-turning fall coat that is equal parts fashionable and functional — or two. Or three. Or maybe just all thirteen on this list. Decisions, decisions.

Don't let the hunt for the ultimate fall jacket intimidate you. The options are endless and the markdowns are plenty. Here are twelve of the best sales on fall coats to shop now — top it off, in style.

1. Bomber Jacket

Brave Soul Embroidered Bomber Jacket, originally $89, now $48, Asos

Bomber jackets are having a sartorial moment, and guess what? Fall is the best time to take your bomber for a spin. This one is casual, lightweight, and full of all-around silky goodness.

2. Fringe Jacket

ASOS Fringe Jacket, originally $242, now $97, Asos

Pay homage to the Wild West with a suede fringe jacket, perfect for pairing with bolo-tie necklaces and flare denim. Or, you know, skinny jeans.

3. Checkered Duster Coat

ASOS Check Duster Coat, originally $113, now $45, Asos

Ah, duster coats are the loves of my life for many reasons. Not only are dusters incredibly versatile, but you can collect them in all kinds of prints, colors, and styles — like baseball cards, but for the fashion crowd. This checkered print makes for a chic finishing touch on those neutral ensembles.

4. Denim Jacket

ASOS Denim Western 2nd Chance Jacket, originally $56, now $34, Asos

I'm a firm believer that denim jackets can be executed year-round — well, OK, maybe I'm still experimenting with the whole "winter" thing. Not only will a denim jacket keep you toasty, but you can also spruce it up with patches and pins if desired.

5. Moto Jacket

ASOS Biker Jacket, originally $98, now $39, Asos

A classic — and one that won't break the bank account. Enough said.

6. Army Jacket

Nasty Gal Chain of Command Army Jacket, originally $118, now $35, Nasty Gal

Go utilitarian or go home — a military-inspired jacket nails the no-frills look like no other.

7. Trench Coat

ASOS Curve Trench in Midi Length, originally $122, now $49, Asos

Can you imagine it already? You, one sophisticated trench coat, latte in one hand, iPhone in the other, hailing a cab. It's pretty much the epitome of NYC, fall edition.

8. Quilted Jacket

Free People Quilted Jacket in Color Block, originally $272, now $122, Asos

I may have just discovered my newest obsession — quilted jackets. You can't get any cozier than that. Plus, with pockets!

9. Cape Coat

Jayley Animal Trim Cape, originally $105, now $65, Asos

When the solid hues don't just cut it, you can make a splash with an animal print alternative. Remember, you don't have to sacrifice your affinity for all things patterns and prints just because the degrees are dropping. Plus, capes mean instant coziness.

10. Fluffy Coatigan

Vero Moda Fluffy Coatigan, originally $62, now $39, Asos

Zippers and buttons can be a hassle, and sometimes cardigans don't get the job done. World: meet the coatigan, which will solve all of your problems. The textured popcorn knit is especially a trending fall element.

11. Bell Sleeve Jacket

Love Bell Sleeve Tie Jacket, originally $58, now $33, Asos

Give me bell sleeves or give me death. This dreamy tie jacket is everything I could ever hope for, straight down to the lightweight fabric and V-neckline.

12. Embroidered Jacket

Mango Embroidered Jacket, originally $120, now $60, Asos

Dress it down or dress it up — with an embroidered jacket, the world is your oyster when it comes to styling.

13. Shearling Vest

ASOS Curve Shearling Mid Jacket in Suede, originally $257, now $103, Asos

My number one way to combat fall weather? Layer up. A shearling vest makes for the ultimate topper — pair with sweaters or tees, the choice is all up to you.

Images: Courtesy Brands