How To Stay Warmer In Your Winter Coat

Temperatures have been unusually warm so far this winter, but it can't last for much longer. As soon as the wind starts to blow and snow begins to fall, everyone looks to their trusty jacket to keep them warm. Sometimes a winter jacket alone isn't enough, but there are ways to make you winter coat even warmer that go beyond your average hat and scarf. Because the best way to beat the freezing cold temps is to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

My mom always told me to button up before I went outside, but it turns out there is way better and definitely more stylish advice that she could've given me. I absolutely hate being cold when I'm outside, but it turns out that there are ways to tweak your coat to help you stay warmer. From adding more layers to adding more coats, staying warm in the winter is just as much about feeling good in what you're wearing as it is not freezing your butt off.

You might think you're wearing your coat the right way, but after these simple tips and tricks, you'll be seeing winter fashion in a whole new light. Whether you're looking to buy some new cold-weather accessories or just work with what you've got, these tips will help you stay toasty throughout the season.

1. Layer Your Coats

At first I thought this was a totally crazy idea, but it really is genius. Layering is always on trend for the winter, but taking your look a step further and adding a second jacket keeps you warm while staying trendy.

2. Warm Up Your Outerwear

This tip is super simple, and it won't cost you anything but time. Instead of putting your coat on and heading right out the door, put it on a few minutes before you leave to keep your body heat in.

3. Grab A Blanket Scarf

The best things about a blanket scarf is that it's warm and it'll fit underneath almost any jacket. It's like two outfits in one!

4. Add To Your Favorite Look

Take your traditional style and add some layers underneath to keep you as warm as possible underneath your coat.

5. Slip On A Vest

This takes winter layering to a whole new level. With the addition of a vest, your jacket will stay warmer because it'll have some help keeping in your body heat.

6. Tie It Tight

By wrapping your scarf extra tight and tucking it into your coat, you can keep the warmth in and look great at the same time.

7. Upcycle

Instead of getting rid of your coat because it's not warm enough, make it warm enough. This video shows how to make a scarf into a jacket, but there are tons of other ways to add length and layers to a coat that you already have.

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