What Goes Into The "World's Strongest Coffee"

by Lily Feinn
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Boy_Anupong/Moment/Getty Images

If you are a coffee lover looking for a lasting buzz, one Australian cafe may have the answer to your prayers. Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia is serving a concoction that has been dubbed "the world’s strongest coffee" and even as a hardened caffeine addict, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little scared. Mashable reports that the aptly named "Ass Kicker" has the caffeine equivalent of 80 regular cups of coffee, making my potent oversized mug of French Roast seem laughable in comparison.

The heart-stopping cold brew concoction is said to have been created by cafe-owner Steve Benington for an emergency room nurse who needed to stay awake for long periods of time while on the night shift. According to Benington, the nurse sipped her special drink over two days, and thanks to the coffee magic was able to stay alert for nearly three days straight. I’ve pulled plenty of coffee-fueled all-nighters in college, but this is truly taking it to a whole new level of cray cray.

Before putting the caffeine-bomb on the menu, Benington updated the recipe and “toned it down” a touch for public consumption. In its current form, the Ass Kicker contains a base of 120 ml of cold drip coffee brewed over 10-days, four shots of espresso, and eight 48-hour cold brewed ice cubes. The drink packs a whopping five grams of caffeine per cup (normal drip coffee has about 120 mg per serving). Just one little ice cube packs the caffeine equivalent of two shots of espresso. "Some people love it and some are broken by it, but it’s all in the name of fun," Benington told The Advisor.

The drink was created to be consumed gradually over three to four hours (like time-released energy), in order to provide up to 18 hours of nonstop up-time without the crash. However, the drink has been said to be so tasty (having a toffee-like flavor), that customers find it difficult to not slurp it down all at once. "It’s pure coffee, it’s good quality, and that’s the only problem, it tastes so good that it’s hard to make it last as long as it should," Benington explained to The Advisor.

Consumers are advised to proceed with caution. Benington makes sure to chat with excited customers before they purchase the drink to make sure they know what they're getting into. Additionally, a health advisory is written on the menu in red ink, warning "Persons with high blood pressure and/or heart conditions, drink at your own risk." A deadly dose of caffeine for adults is approximately 18 grams ingested over a period of one to two hours, however caffeine can affect everyone differently. The Ass Kicker far exceeds the recommended safe dose (400 milligrams), and this cup of joe will do way more than perk you up.

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