How To Tell If You Have The iOS 10 Update

by Lily Feinn
DigiPub/Moment Open/Getty Images

As someone in an intense and fulfilling relationship with their iPhone, I am always filled with excitement when a cool new update comes around. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Apple announced at a live press conference on Sept. 7 their latest operating system overhaul is due for release on Sept. 13. If you are unsure how to tell if you have iOS 10 update, it’s surprisingly easy to find out what operating system your phone is running and download the current one. You will want to do this pronto, because, no lie, the iOS 10 could be the greatest iteration yet. Did I happen to mention that we are getting 100 new emojis?? Because we are, and happy people — they are beautiful!

The update features a massive redesign of the iPhone interface, making your smartphone even easier to use (who knew that was possible?). This update has something for everyone — cool new features, an expanded integration of apps, as well as a more instinctive interface. Oh, and remember all the new feminist emojis promised to us in this year's Unicode update? Well, folks — they’re finally here! When you first start playing around with the iOS10, a few of the changes may seem a bit confusing, but believe me the benefits far outweigh any possible growing pains.

Along with the software update, Apple has also unveiled their latest smartphone, the iPhone 7 (and the Apple Watch 2). For Apple fans, Sept. 7 might as well be a national holiday, because it seems like we are getting a ton of cool new presents! Unfortunately, we will still have to wait a few days to get our hands on the newest piece of Apple tech, as the iPhone’s retail rollout is slated for Sept. 16 (though you can place pre-order as early as Sept. 9).

For those who are attached to the old operating system, iPhones must be updated to be truly secure. To see if your phone is running the iOS10, click on the "Settings" option on your home screen. Scroll down and tap on the "General" option — where most of the important information about your phone and its capacity is listed. "Software Update" should be the second choice down, and after clicking on it you will see one of two messages. If you see this message, you can rest easy:

If your phone is still running the good ol' iOS 9.3.5, your iPhone will prompt you to update to the latest OS. Be sure that you have your Passcode and Apple ID at the ready, as you will need to plug these in to bring your phone up to speed. Once you have updated your iPhone, go through the same process on your iPad and iPod Touch, and you can start exploring all the awesome new things your devices can do! You will definitely want to spend at least a few hours playing around with iMessage, because (new emojis aside) texting just got wayyyy more interactive.

Images: DigiPub/Moment Open/Getty Images, giphy, Apple