The New 'Scream Queens' S2 Trailer Is The Best Yet

In 14 days, I will come back to life. Two weeks from Tuesday marks the premiere of Scream Queens Season 2, and I can't even contain myself. The bitchiness. The campy humor. The Jamie Lee Curtis. I could just die. (See what I did there?) And although show co-creator Ryan Murphy and his camp are keeping things mysterious and under-wraps as per usual (dare I say American Horror Story Season 6?), the newest Scream Queens Season 2 trailer answers a little bit about what we can expect. Kind of.

We know that the Chanels have been taken from the halls of Kappa Kappa Tau at Wallace University and are now at a hospital, as Dean Cathy Munsch (Curtis) wants them to enroll as medical students and work for her. Beyond that, no one really knows what the hell is going on, actors included. In this Season 2 sneak preview, show star Keke Palmer says, "I don't even know what to expect." Newbie and total hottie Taylor Lautner promises it will be "funnier, scarier, and pushing more boundaries" than Season 1. And, while the returning characters have the same names and seem to be continuing storylines, like Chanel (Emma Roberts) and Hester's (Lea Michele) beef, they're in a new setting.

That brings up lots of questions, such as...

1. What Kind Of Hospital Are They At?

A general hospital? A mental hospital? Anyone else getting Asylum vibes?

2. What Happened To The Chanels Being Admitted In The Season 1 Finale?

I thought we were going to get a stripped-down look at the Chanels once their reign crumbles and they're admitted into the hospital, but it looks like they're back at it and running the show. Confused.

3. Is This Season Getting A Little AHS-Inspo Heavy?

The stars swear it will be scarier and more eerie due to the creepy hospital setting. And both trailers have, like, lots of knives and needles. Just saying.

4. Munsch Says The Hospital Is Where The "Incurable Are Cured." But Cured From What?

Shopping addiction? Grade-A b*tchiness? The options are endless.

5. How Much Of The Original Universe Will Be Intact?

It looks like Munsch is no longer school dean, but is instead running this hospital. Will the show acknowledge that she was dean? Or anything else that happened in Season 1?

6. Are The Chanels Actually Back In Power?

Or are they working for Munsch against their will?

7. Speaking Of, Is Zayday Working With Or Against Them?

Here she is in a doctor's uniform, rolling Chanel in on a stretcher. And here, suited up with Dr. Cassidy Cascade (Lautner):

So, what's happening?

8. Who Is Going To Hook Up With Who?

With the addition of Lautner and fellow dreamboat doc John Stamos, the chances of sexual encounters are very high.

9. Where The Eff Is Glen Powell?

SQ's shining star, in my opinion.

10. The Cast Seems A Lot Smaller, So Are Less People Going To Die Off?

Season 1 had amazing cameos from stars like Ariana Grande, Nick Jonas, and Dead Taylor Swift — all of which were cut off way too soon. But how will this cast drop like flies if there aren't as many flies to drop?

Until September 20, I will lie awake with such burning questions. Watch the latest teaser and best of luck if you're trying to figure things out as well.

Images: FOX (11)