Where To Buy 'Hocus Pocus' T-Shirts For Halloween If You Love The Sanderson Sisters — PHOTOS

If you're looking for a simple costume for Halloween this year, you may be in luck. Relive your '90s childhood with your favorite girl squad rocking these new limited-edition Hocus Pocus T-shirts that resemble the costumes of the three infamous Sanderson witches Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. If you love the Sanderson Sisters just as much as I do and are wondering where to buy these insanely awesome tees in time for Halloween, you'll have to act fast.

You probably remember the witches' gowns from Disney's Hocus Pocus , and now Disney has recreated them in T-shirt form for an easy Halloween costume — just grab some wigs and brooms and poof, you have your costume! For a limited time during Sept. 5-11, Disney will be selling the three Sanderson sister T-shirts under the limited release item section of the Disney Store's website.

Each T-shirt is $29.99, and they will take three to five weeks for delivery, which gives you plenty of time to get your accessories and makeup ready before Halloween. Even though we won't be seeing a Hocus Pocus sequel anytime soon, you can channel the sisters' wickedness this Halloween with the T-shirts that will surely make your friends wish they had thought of the idea before you.

Here are the three tees to shop:

1. Winifred Tee

Winifred Tee, $30, Disney Store

For the leader of the pack.

2. Sarah Tee

Sarah Tee, $30, Disney Store

For the silly, naive pal of the group.

3. Mary Tee

Mary Tee, $30, Disney Store

For the hilarious fun-loving witch of your friend group.

Act quickly, guys! You'll be so sad when Sept. 11 is over!

Images: Walt Disney Pictures (1); Courtesy of the Disney Store (3)