Mini Avocados Are Too Precious For Your Eyes

It's a known fact that any item is more precious in miniature. Take, for example, the adorable miniature avocado trend. Everyone already loves avocado because of its taste and health benefits, but now, thanks to this innovation, your fave brunch food is the cutest thing in your pantry. Honestly, I didn't believe I could like it any more than I already do, but then I looked at photographs on the internet and suddenly realized just how wrong I was.

Marks & Spencer, a UK-based retail chain, are responsible for a lot of this cuteness. Their "babycados" are grown outside of Malaga, Spain and from the results of my Google search, that countryside is pretty much out of a romance novel. Which is perfect, since I expect my mini avocados to experience only the best before landing on my table. Look at them. Look at how perfect they are. They deserve the world and so much more.

The even better news? These tiny avocados pack a powerful punch. Babycados are said to have a fuller and richer taste, condensing everything we love about the adult version into a smaller, denser package. Plus, now we don't have to worry about our leftover avocados going bad, in those rare instances when you only eat half instead of downing the whole thing like the avo-champ you are. These are the ultimate size for that avocado toast snack!

I just want to take care of them like they are my own. Look at how cute they are. Would you even be able to bear eating them?

Obviously baby avocados are not the only mini foods that will get your heart and stomach racing. There are a plethora of small edible items that will make you feel like a giant in a banquet hall.

1. Mini Watermelon

This is an awesome summer treat. While you might think that it is a small watermelon, it is actually a cucamelon. People who have tried it say that it tastes like a lemon and cucumber combined.

2. Mini Pineapple

Now these are going to steal your heart right away. It's a perfect mini version of the pineapples you are used to buying in the store. This refreshing, much more manageable version can fit in your vegetable drawer, no problem.

3. Mini Peppers

If you're feeling like tackling a cooking project, you can make mini stuffed peppers in a heartbeat for a bite-sized kick.

4. Mini Apples

While they aren't as small are some of the other items on this list, mini apples are still pretty precious. And you don't have to grow them on huge apple trees! Oh, science. How I love you so.

Images: Courtesy of jyae7777/Instagram