'BiP' Ended With So Much Love

Guys, this season was truly a banner season for Bachelor in Paradise, which ended with three engagements. The love is just spilling out all over the place. Seriously, did anyone see this many love stories happening with this cast? It's hard to believe it, but some of these folks seem like they might have actually found the real deal. Of course, it wasn't all Neil Lane diamonds and shots of freshly manicured nails. There were some broken hearts scattered along that beach too.

I think we all saw Amanda and Josh making it official because those two have been spotted out and about together quite a bit. This twosome has been through a lot of ups and downs during their stay in Paradise but Josh did manage to get out a proposal before he sweat through his shirt, and Amanda said yes.

Evan and Carly seemed like another sure bet, and he made it real by telling her, "My heart beats to your soul" (I assume that's a good thing) before successfully proposing. These two are legitimately a match made in weirdo heaven, and I could not be more shocked that I am saying that. They appreciate each other's quirks, and they seem like they could really make it work. I am all over #TeamCevan.

But, when it came to Lace and Grant, Grant was seeming to waver in his commitment towards the end. Their Fantasy Suite date didn't exactly go swimmingly, and it ended with Grant questioning the entire relationship and the direction it was heading in. Still, those two also made it engagement official, because once you have matching tattoos, it's kind of decided for you.

Although Nick and Jen split, I think we may actually have some real love stories on our hands, guys. Could one of these newly engaged couples be the next Jade and Tanner? Will the world explode from adorableness if that happens? Stay tuned.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC