'BiP' Season 4 Needs These Contestants

Another year has gone by and fans are all patiently waiting to see who gets engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise finale. While I do want to see who leaves Paradise together, I don't want the magic to end, so I’ve decided to already start thinking about next year. When will Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 premiere? Every year thus far BiP has begun the very first week of August. Although the premiere days have changed between Sunday-Tuesday of that first week, it’s safe to assume that the show will probably continue the trend, which means you can expect the first episode on Aug. 7 or 8 in 2017. It seems like a long time, but really a year goes by quite quickly these days. Before you know it, Jared will be back in Mexico (presumably with Ashley I. in tow), thanks to ABC renewing the show for Season 4, as announced on After Paradise.

Most of the contestants on BiP Season 4 will be a mix of women from Nick Viall’s upcoming season of The Bachelor and men from the season of The Bachelorette that follows, but I want to talk about the others. A handful of people always come back from seasons prior to the current ones, and I think it’s very important to bring back people who deserve to be there. No, Chad is not one of them, so please just leave him at home with his tiny dog next year. So who should get to return for another shot at love?

Amanda Stanton

I know it looks like Amanda and Josh are heading down the aisle, but I absolutely refuse to believe someone that sweet will end up with that big of a jerk. When they do break up, and they will, I want Amanda to come back and try again. She deserves to find the right person for her.

Clare Crawley

I kind of miss Clare talking to producers and contestants, which later got turned into her talking to animals. I’ve always thought that Clare was misunderstood and, in comparison to some of the people this season, she’s completely normal. Come back, Clare!

Jared Haibon

OK, let’s try this one more time. Jared needs to come back, but Ashley I. needs to stay at home. It would be great if she, too, could find someone, but, for the show, Jared has a better shot at it. Please let Jared come back without Ashley next year so he can meet someone great.

Wells Adams

Wells Adams should be on every season of every Bachelor show ever. He’s the best, and I assume he will have a girlfriend before next summer, but, if he doesn't, he should come back and be in the first group of contestants. He could totally find someone on day one. Also, ladies of Nashville, get on that.

Vinny Ventiera

Vinny may have been this season’s fan favorite. It was devastating watching him heartbroken over his split from Izzy. He deserves to find someone awesome and should be allowed to come back and try again next year.

Marquel Martin

Who doesn't miss Marquel? He had cookies and a great personality. As far as I know, Marquel is still living the single life and clearly they aren’t going to make him the Bachelor any time soon, so they may as well give him another shot in Paradise.

Sarah Herron

I have been on Team Sarah since Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise. I would love for Sarah to get another chance to find someone. She’s another one of the women who you can tell wants to actually find someone to settle down with.

Daniel Maguire

I want Daniel back purely for entertainment purposes. He doesn’t cause the drama that Chad brings with him, but he's got great commentary. There always needs to be a narrator for Paradise.

The Twins

Because they’re literally the best.

Hopefully fans will see some of these contestants next summer.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; Giphy (9)