Lace & Grant Were So Real On 'BIP'

Major spoiler alert, you guys — Grant and Lace got engaged on Bachelor In Paradise ! Okay, well, you may have thought that was going to happen, but the Bachelor In Paradise finale was way more emotionally charged than I thought it was going to be. Post Fantasy Suite, Grant was like, “I love you so much and I can see the rest of my life with you but actually I’m not sure about this.” Lace cried. Basically, it was another full episode of Bachelor In Paradise drama, and I loved every minute of it.

As Grant said when he was proposing to Lace, they started out wild and crazy, but once they got to know each other a little better, their relationship started to gel. It was so real for both Grant and Lace to have some doubts over a three-week old relationship, but Grant put it nicely — the only thing that can heal their worries is time, and, since they love each other, they should just go forth and get married and be together forever. After all, what have they got to lose? At least they got a vacation out of ABC should they actually break up. We are all just one step away from oblivion, so why not? Also, they love each other. Both Grant and Lace said that a few times.

Lace and Grant have had a connection since the beginning — they even got matching tattoos together. If that's not motivation to stay in a relationship, I don't know what is — not wanting to ruin that ink. Though Grant and Lace were a bit topsy-turvy, their relationship is definitely the realest. It's normal to have doubts, and it's normal to want to work through them and see what happens. Cheers to these two — I hope they live happily ever after Bachelor Nation.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC