Madonna Dresses Like 'Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen for Purim, & It Is Insane

Purim is upon us, and no matter how you chose to celebrate — maybe you dressed up, maybe you had some hamantaschen, maybe you were too busy enjoying St. Patrick's Day Weekend (green beer!) — odds are, you got outdone by Madonna. In honor of the revelrous Jewish holiday, the singer and longtime Kabbalist convert took to Instagram to post a selfie of her Daenerys Targaryen costume. That's right: Madonna dressed up as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones for Purim and the results are kind of incredible. From the sculpted dragon epaulets to the buckled leather bodice — even the wavy white-blonde coif, as worn by actress Emilia Clarke on the show — this costume is definitely on point. Still, you've got to wonder: ...Why? Sure, Madge has been a bit inscrutable as of late across the board, but this latest dress-up development, if fabulous, adds yet another question mark.

Her exclamation-laced caption provides a clue: "All Hail All Queens!" Purim is, after all, a celebration based off the Book of Esther, in which the eponymous Queen helps thwart the plans of a royal vizier to murder all Jewish people in the kingdom of Persia. Dany is also a fierce and effective leader, freeing slaves and commanding armies — and honestly, if you're going to go the "Queen"-themed route, why not also make yourself Mother of Dragons? (At least she's a better foil for Esther than Katherine Harris.)

But mostly, I'm going to wager, Madonna did herself up in her Targaryen best just because she can. I mean, we all know the adage: With great access to costumes and stylists comes great responsibility. As she double-hashtagged her regal selfie, "##certainty" — as in, let's all say, with certainty, that this outfit is insane in every sense, and cross our fingers that this trend extends to Madonna's next dressy event. If she shows up on a red carpet dressed as Cersei, I will simply lose it.

Image: madonna/Instagram (2)