How To Get Notifications To Go Away In iOS 10

by Lily Feinn
Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some BIG changes are coming with the iOS 10 update due on Sept. 13, many of which are going to make navigating the iPhone easier than ever before. As an Apple fan, I know that in an effort to keep you informed, all the updates and notifications popping up can become a little overwhelming and leave you wondering, "How do I get notifications at the top of my screen to go away in iOS 10?" If you are experiencing a TMI situation, do not fret! Apple has not only made it easier in their latest update to access notifications, but also to get rid of them.

To access recent notifications through iOS 10, a quick swipe down (from top to bottom) on your phone screen will access the drop-down list. These notifications will include any recent texts, incoming emails, Google Hangout messages, app updates, alerts, and tweets that you have received, dating back over the past week. A search bar at the top makes it easy to navigate, and can take you to different apps from within notifications column. Thanks to changes made to the lock screen in iOS10, notifications can be viewed in full before deciding to unlock your phone. Now with a quick glance you will have all your recent notifications in one place, and they will be pretty hard to miss. With all the build-up of notifications you can see why some heavy editing might be necessary so that the list doesn't get overwhelming.

Managing your notifications is easier than ever in their new simple list form. You can delete a specific notifications by swiping the notification to the left, and tapping the "clear" button. The notification will disappear from the list, but not from its original location.

To clear all notifications by day, simply touch the small circled "x" located to the right of the day header. The "x" will then give you the option to "clear" and you can erase outdated messages all at once.

If you are being slowly buried under Twitter notifications (which could be draining your battery life), it is still possible to turn off notifications by app the old fashioned way (you know, the iOS 9 way). To choose what apps are allowed to send you messages simply tap on the "Settings" option on your Home screen and scroll down to the select the "Notifications" option. A list of all your downloaded apps will appear and you will have the ability to personalize your notification settings for each one. To save battery, turn off the "Show On Lock Screen" option for all app notifications.

Tired of your iPhone continuously blaring erroneous flood warnings? No worries! At the very bottom of the app list, you even have the option to turn off Government alerts (Emergency and Amber alerts).

Another quick update to the notifications is that unlike in the previous iOS, there is no longer a separate tabs for "Today" and "Notifications" within the Notification Center. To access the "Today" info, swipe right on your home or lock screen and you can view upcoming calendar events, weather, widgets, and reminders.

Now if only Seamless would send me a notification that my lunch was ready. Sigh.

Images: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images, Screenshot/Apple