Get Pumped For Super Mario Run

The highly anticipated Apple Live event finally happened, as the company's CEO Tim Cook took the stage on Wednesday in San Francisco to unveil some of the big changes coming to the newest iPhone and Apple Watch this fall. Nintendo's chief game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, joined Cook on stage at the event to announce a new Mario game coming to Apple iOS this fall. That's right, a game called Super Mario Run is running to your phone soon, and here are Mario GIFs to get you pumped for the game.

The Super Mario Run game on your iPhone will offer a different way of controlling the character. You might have guessed from the app's name that Mario will be doing a lot of running throughout. In fact, the game features Mario continually running, and it's up to you to quickly determine when to make him jump by tapping your phone screen. Are you up to the task?

On the other hand, this option allows you to play the game with one hand, so you can multitask while you guide Mario through each level and collect as many coins as you can. You'll be able to read a book with your left hand, and make Mario jump with your right. Aren't we all familiar with and excited by the art of multitasking at this point?

Apple hasn't announced the specifics of Mario's big release date, but we know he'll be making his way to your iPhone in time for the winter holidays. Ready, set, Mario!

Images: GIPHY (2)