'How I Met Your Mother' Spinoff 'How I Met Your Dad's Cast Its "Robin" and Another

How I Met Your Mother's getting very, very close to its ending (as well as us all finding out if How I Met Your Mother's theory-punking us with this whole Dead Mother thing), and with its demise the How I Met Your Dad spinoff moves ever-forward. The newest castmembers added to the ensemble? Well, we've got a Masters Of Sex star and a Mixology star. So let's meet them. The series cast its lead, Sally, a few months back in the form of indie star Greta Gerwig; more recently they cast former Smash star Krysta Rodriguez as Sally's Barney Stinson-esque friend. Now we've got even more of the ensemble set.

Gerwig's Sally is described as a "Peter Pan" of sorts, and she's going through what will probably be the end of a one-year marriage when we meet her. Enter Frank (Nick D'Agosto, above, AKA Dr. Ethan Haas on Masters of Sex), who's actually been there all along; he's an IT guy who's been pining for Sally, so in a way he's a sort of Ted and Robin hybrid — the new love interest for our main character and simultaneously the gushy romantic figure holding one of those torches Ted's so good (and frustrating) at holding.

The other new addition is Danny, to be played by Andrew Santino, who can currently be seen on Mixology. He's Sally's type-A older brother, an overachieving lawyer married to a man named Todd, who has yet to be cast.