LORAC's PRO Liquid Lipsticks Will Be Here Soon

Beauty junkies and LORAC fans, you have reason to celebrate today: The beloved cosmetics company is releasing a line of LORAC PRO liquid lipsticks, and they're a new venture for the beauty brand. I'm a major fan of LORAC's eyeshadow palettes, which are known for their super bright pigmentation and amazing colors, and I was definitely intrigued when I heard the brand is venturing into liquid lipstick territory.

LORAC's PRO Liquid Lipstick line, which includes 10 gorgeous matte shades, is actually coming out super soon, too. The brand says it'll be releasing the new shades in mid-September, and they're going to be exclusive to Kohl's when they launch. According to Instagram, the liquid lipsticks are already showing up on shelves in some Kohl's locations, so it's only a matter of time before they roll out nationwide. I predict they'll be everywhere in the next two weeks.

With colors as great as the ones LORAC is releasing, I imagine fans are going to be lining up to pick up every shade in the 10-color collection. From a cherry red to a variety of nude shades, there's one for every lipstick fan under the sun. Check out how great they are.

The brand just announced the new shades a few weeks ago, so it looks like things are moving quickly.

I mean, how great are all the shades? And at $19, they're reasonable enough that you can pick up a few shades to try out.

And if you check out Twitter and YouTube, you can see early reviews from some people who already managed to get the new lipsticks. With their super pigmented shades and antioxidant-rich formulas that are designed to keep your lips from drying out, it looks like the lipsticks will deliver LORAC's normal level of quality. And luckily, they'll be here super soon.

Images: @loraccosmetics/Instagram; Courtesy of LORAC