11 Witch Makeup Tutorials That Are Wicked Cool

by Melanie Richtman

It's that time of the year — pumpkin spice lattes have hit the Starbucks shelves, which means it's time to start figuring out your Halloween costume. While it's easy to throw your hair in pigtails and smudge your lipstick à la Harley Quinn (aka the most popular costume of 2016), these witch makeup tutorials are perfect for anyone who wants to look pretty and show off their makeup skills on Halloween, without having to carry around a baseball bat and wear hot pants.

Sometimes the best costumes are the simplest costumes. Being a witch for Halloween might seem unoriginal, but I prefer to look at it as classic. And, bonus, you probably won't have to spend much of your hard earned money to be a witch. All you need is a black dress and a steady hand to do your makeup.

If you're looking for a last minute costume, dressing up as a witch is the perfect solution. You could seriously get ready for that party you were invited to on Oct. 30 with very, very little preparation. It might help if you have green face paint on hand though...

Here are 11 witch makeup tutorials out there to help you achieve the level of spooky that you're looking for.

1. This 'Not So Wicked' Witch Makeup

This tutorial is so pretty I would almost wear it as a regular going out look.

2. This Spidery Tutorial

All you really need is some liquid eyeliner to make this look happen.

3. This Very Realistic Green Witch Tutorial

Seriously, so impressive.

4. This Pretty, Yet Spooky Tutorial

I'm a fan of any tutorial that involves black lipstick.

5. This Contoured Witch Look

Sculpted cheekbones and a spooky look? I'm sold.

6. This 'Gothic Glam' Witch Tutorial

The perfect balance of witch and glam.

7. This 'American Horror Story' Inspired Tutorial

For the trendy witch.

8. This Frightening Evil Witch Tutorial

It's pretty scary.

9. This Elaborate 'Snow White' Witch Tutorial

This one is going to take some pre-planning.

10. This Gorgeous Sorceress Look

The purple brows? I die.

11. This Sexy Wicked Witch Of The West Tutorial

The blue lipstick is trendy and that green, glittery smokey eye is amazing. I absolutely love this tutorial.

So good luck and happy Halloween!

Image: Madeyewlooktwice/