Kylie's Blonde Hair Was Unintentional, Actually!

Sometimes an "Oops" can actually end up being a "Wowza!" moment. That's actually what happened when Kylie Jenner dyed her hair platinum blonde. The makeup mogul is known for changing her hair length, shape, cut, and color with a panoply of wigs. Ahead of NYFW, the teen swapped out wigs for a legit bleach blonde dye job. It was a drastic and dramatic change, which she documented on her beloved Snapchat. It's likely that Jenner went platinum for Fashion Week, where all eyes are on her. But Kylie Jenner just revealed a huge secret about her blonde hair. It was a total accident.

Wait... what? It's not like she mixed the dye herself without caution and ended up this way. Going from her natural raven strands to white hot follicles is not a one-step, short, or easy process. So how the heck can it be... accidental?

Jenner told PEOPLE StyleWatch that she "didn't mean to go platinum" because she had a different blonde shade and tone in mind! She said, "I really wanted a nice, honey dirty blonde and when we started bleaching it, it got so light so fast and I was like 'Wow, my hair is not damaged, I can do this.' So I went for it."

Ah, there it is. She wanted dirty blonde but her strands had other plans.

Blonde hair, don't care! Will Jenner eventually attempt to take her hair from platinum to that "honey dirty blonde" hair that was her initial desire? Perhaps! It's not like she doesn't have a glam squad at her disposal that can help her make that change.

She already went this far... she can take a step back and tone it down with more a of a honey hue. I am sure it'd look gorge on her. She is slaying the Marilyn Monroe look.

It looks like she already added extensions to her natural lob.

It's cute that she was rocking quintessential Cali girl beachy waves in NYC.

Barbie blond!

Jenner's platinum locks sure ended up being a happy accident!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (4)