So This Is Probably Why Kylie Jenner Went Blonde

I know. "They" say blondes have more fun. Perhaps they do. I'm a natural brunette who has never gone blonde, not even temporarily, and I have had endless, limitless fun. Kylie Jenner just bleached her hair blonde. Like seriously platinum blonde. Her blonde look was apparently inspired by her big sister Kourtney Kardashian, if an Instagram photo is any indicator. Jenner-as-a-blonde was also the work of dye, not her beloved wigs, which have allowed her to change her color, shape, and length on the regular without damaging her natural tresses. After documenting her dye job on Snapchat, Jenner finally resurfaced on social media, showing off the bright blonde strands. It has fans, lovers, and haters wondering: Why did Kylie Jenner go blonde?

The answer appears simple to me and Jenner may have revealed the reason for her blonde ambition in an Insta caption. She shared a photo while slaying a sparkly, red, body con ensemble on her Insta and posted, "NYFW." Sure, that labels when, where, and what she was doing, but... is that our answer re: her follicles? It probably is.

It's NYFW. Jenner appears to be a part of Alexander Wang's squad. If she is to be seen and remembered at NYFW, be it in the front row or on the runway itself, she may have bleached her normally raven locks to stand out. I predict she will make a runway appearance and that's why she opted for this change.


Yes, Jenner has gone blonde in the past but never, ever blonde like this. The makeup mogul was getting her platinum blonde, screen siren x bombshell on with this clip. If she rocks her Mary Jo K Lip Kit with that golden mane, lookout.

Sure, she needed a change and wanted to commit. If there is one place to make a splash and show off a new look, it's NYFW. Her big sis Kim has gone blonde for fashion purposes, too.

It's certainly a retro, Marilyn Monroe x Jayne Mansfield look for the teen.

OMG you guys! It's all her real hair and she has a lob! The fact that she opted to bleach out her natural lob indicates a level of commitment. She went through the rigors of the processing so she may be keeping this look beyond fashion week. But you never know...

Does Jenner have something maj planned for NYFW and that's her secret rationale for going blonde? Stay tuned!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Kylie Jenner Snapchat (4)