The One Thing Lorelai Gilmore Shouldn't Do In 'GG'

by Michelle Lulic

Despite all of the ups and downs in Lorelai Gilmore's life, one thing has remained the same: Stars Hollow. From morning coffee runs at Luke's to monthly town meetings at Miss Patty's, the small Connecticut town has never failed to amuse the daughter of Richard and Emily Gilmore. Between its odd characters, seasonal charm, and never-ending gossip, Stars Hollow just as much a part of Lorelai Gilmore as she is of Stars Hollow. Which is why there's one thing that can't happen in the Gilmore Girls revival, under any circumstances: Lorelai Gilmore must never move out of Stars Hollow.

Now I know what you're thinking: telling Lorelai she can't do something will only cause her to do exactly the opposite. But, with Gilmore Girls fans finally getting closure in the form of the upcoming four-part revival series, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, I can't bear the thought of a Stars Hollow without Lorelai. Even if Lorelai doesn't end up with fellow long-time resident, Luke Danes, and even if Rory ends up jetting off once again to focus on her journalism career, Lorelai should be the Gilmore really holding down the fort. What would Stars Hollow be without it's daily dose of Gilmore commentary?

Out of all of Stars Hollow's residents, Lorelai's presence feels the most essential. For one, she brings a lively spirit to the town when Kirk, Taylor, and Luke can't do anything but fight amongst one another. For another, being closer in age to young adults like her daughter, and more single and independent in comparison to her friend Sookie, Lorelai provides as much of a friendship role to women Rory's age as she does a maternal, mentorship role. It wasn't so long ago that she was walking in their shoes. On top of all that, Lorelai plays a vital role in the town's culture by volunteering for some of the town's most obscure functions (she always signs up for costumes), owning a prominent business for the town's visitors (the Dragonfly Inn), and holding a deep and personal connection with every member of the town.

However, none of those things can necessarily stop Lorelai from leaving. As has been expressed numerous times throughout the show's seven seasons, Lorelai is quite fond of traveling. She brought Rory to Europe, she's not afraid to drive wherever her heart desires, and she has the experience and credibility to open an even larger Inn in a much larger city. Toward the end of Season 5, there's even speculation from Richard Gilmore about whether or not Lorelai should expand her business and get out of Stars Hollow.

But there's no need to panic just yet. Personally, I don't see Lorelai moving anytime soon, and I really hope that she doesn't. I'm excited to see her character grow and change in exciting ways in the revival, but outgrowing Stars Hollow would really cause the town to lose a little charm and magic when it's left behind.

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix; Giphy (2)