Who Is Natalie Portman’s Husband? Benjamin Millepied Is Much More Than Just A Kickass Last Name

Congratulations to Natalie Portman: The Academy Award-winning actor is reportedly pregnant with her second child with husband Benjamin Millepied. The two are already the proud parents of son Aleph Portman-Millepied, who turned five this past June. And while Portman's husband has a kickass name — his last name means "1,000 feet" in French, which is fitting AF for his career as a professional dancer and choreographer — fans may not be as familiar with the hunky Frenchman as they are with Portman, who has been gracing silver screens since the early '90s. So, who is Benjamin Millepied? Well, you're about to find out.

For one, dude is a professional ballet dancer. Like, he just left his two-year stint in the Paris Opera Ballet, according to the New York Times, to move back to L.A. and continue with the Los Angeles-based dance ensemble he formed in 2012, L.A. Dance Project. And prior to his time spent with the Paris Opera Ballet, he spent years as a principal dance with the New York City Ballet. He's also an incredibly successful choreographer — probably most known for his work on Black Swan, which is also how he met Portman — with his choreography for Daphnis and Chloe most recently being adapted by the American Ballet Theater this fall, the NYT reports. Suffice it to say, Millepied is pretty well known in the dancing world.


According to his Twitter, Millepied is also the founder of ArtForm, an app that allows artists and performers to share high-quality photos and videos of their art. And did I mention that the father-of-one (and soon-to-be two) frequently retweets social media posts critically acclaiming his wife in everything that she does? Because he does and it is super sweet. He may not be an over-sharer or a chronic Instagrammer of their everyday home life, but what he does share on socials about Portman is sweeter than any of that:

So next time you're wondering who exactly Benjamin Millepied is, remember this: He's a famous dancer, choreographer, husband, and father. Above all else though, he is a man whose last name is a self-fulfilling prophecy — and my friends, it does not get any cooler than that.