12 Bethany Young Questions That 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Still Have

Pretty Little Liars has introduced us to a ton of mysterious characters over the years, but few have been as important — or as much of an enigma — as the girl who wound up in Alison's grave: Bethany Young. According to Charlotte, it was Bethany who pushed Marion off the roof, and Bethany who went to the DiLaurentis house to hurt Alison's mom Jessica on the night Alison disappeared. However, instead of attacking Jessica, Bethany was whacked by Mona and buried by Melissa, hence how she ended up in the grave with that yellow top on. Charlotte made it seem like Bethany's story was over, but, in reality, there are still so many questions we have about PLL 's mysterious Bethany.

Though the Liars have talked endlessly about Bethany, they haven't figured out everything about the person whose body was taken for Alison's. Now that we know that Charlotte's Big A reveal may have had some holes — or that Charlotte was flat-out lying, given what we know about Mary Drake — it opens up a whole bunch of questions as to how Bethany really fits in the picture. Was she really a "crazy b*tch" like Charlotte said, or was she a victim of Big A before Charlotte ever donned that black hoodie? There's so much we need to find out before PLL bows out in the Season 7 finale, and here are the 12 Bethany questions we need answered ASAP:

1. Did Bethany Really Push Toby's Mom Off The Roof?


Charlotte claimed she did — and there's a flashback to "prove it" — but Bethany's reason for pushing Marion never quite added up. She allegedly pushed Marion to protect Marion from seeing Charlotte (then called Charles) wearing a dress, but then blamed Charlotte for Marion's death. Is Bethany just really unstable, or could there be more to that story?

2. Who Is Bethany's Father?


We never met him, but, apparently, he had an affair with Jessica, which made Bethany furious. Hmm...

3. Did Bethany's Dad Really Have An Affair With Jessica?

According to Charlotte, and the evidence that Mona found, he did. But now that we know Mary was in the picture — and possibly at Radley when Bethany was — it's possible that "Jessica" was really Mary.

4. Who Wrote Bethany That Letter If Alison Didn't?

The above letter was supposedly from Bethany to Alison and referenced a friendship between the two girls. It even stated that Alison had invited Bethany to hang out with her on Labor Day — the same weekend she was found dead. We know Alison didn't write the note, and that, according to Charlotte, no one invited Bethany to the DiLaurentis house at all. So why does this letter even exist? Did Charlotte write it to frame Alison, or is something else going on here?

5. Who Was Bethany Talking About On This Recording?

The Liars initially thought that Bethany was talking about Alison when she said "I thought she really liked me... Everything she said was a lie... Is it like mother like daughter?" However, if Alison never knew Bethany, then who was she really talking about?

6. What Did Her Drawings Really Mean?

-A Pretty Little Liar on YouTube

If Bethany really hated Jessica, then the monstrous drawings of her make sense, but it's not the only creepy imagery to emerge from Bethany's mind. I'm particularly curious about the drawing of a boy being taken away by the monster — could that represent a character that is yet to be revealed, like Mary's potential third child?

7. What Did She Look Like When She Died?


It's a little suspicious that the show hasn't given us a single photo of Bethany as a teenager, no? Some fans suspect that the reason is that the real Bethany is a character that we would recognize — like, say, Sara Harvey.

8. Why Did Jessica Take Bethany Out Of Radley?


Sure, Jessica was possibly having an affair with Bethany's dad, but secret extramarital affairs don't usually involve spending time with your lover's unstable child horseback riding — especially when she fights you every step of the way.

9. Did Jessica Know It Was Bethany's Body In The Grave?


Jessica insisted that it was Alison's body in the grave when Detective Holbrook asked to reexamine the body, and fans assumed it was because Jessica had been the one who buried her. But if Jessica knew that Alison was alive, who did she assume was in the grave? Did she know it was Bethany and not care?

10. Why Did Jessica Want Bethany To Call Her Aunt Jessie?


And, more importantly, why did it make Bethany so mad?

11. Why Did Melissa Really Bury Bethany?


Melissa was spotted talking to a blonde in a yellow top, but Alison said that it wasn't her, and Charlotte wasn't actually wearing that yellow top that night. Melissa also said that she buried Bethany because she thought Spencer had killed Alison and wanted to protect her secret. Was this the truth, or another example of Melissa doing something shady for unknown reasons? And, if it was the truth, who was the girl in that yellow top?

12. Why Was Bethany Wearing That Yellow Top?


According to Charlotte, Jessica would buy her clothes identical to the ones she purchased for Alison, so that, when Bethany stole Charlotte's clothes, she wound up dressed in the same top Alison was wearing on the night she was killed. The yellow top was the reason why Bethany was mistaken for Alison, but that's kind of a huge coincidence, no? The fact that Bethany ended up wearing the exact outfit that Alison was in can't be totally accidental — there has to be more to the story here.

Answer these questions about Bethany, and we answer a lot about the series. Here's hoping Season 7 finally reveals all about its most mysterious blonde.

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