7 Things You Never Knew About Remus Lupin

The Harry Potter series is filled with tragic, untimely deaths. Among the most devastating is the death of Remus Lupin — but though we spend a lot of time talking about his eventual murder at the hands of Death Eaters, we don't spend a lot of time talking about his life or childhood. J.K. Rowling recently released three Pottermore eBooks, and in them, she reveals many surprising facts about Remus Lupin.

Every time Harry Potter had someone who resembled a father figure, they were taken from him entirely too soon, and Remus Lupin is no exception. He taught Harry how to defend himself at one of the most vulnerable points in his life — not many people can say that! And, when you think about it, Lupin is indirectly responsible for Dumbledore's Army — after all, the first thing they learn is how to cast their Patronus.

But, I digress. I could talk about Remus Lupin and his importance to the series and to Harry forever, probably. And, apparently, so can J.K. Rowling. As much as she does love to say the series is over, I don't think she will ever be able to let it go. We all know he's a werewolf who died fighting Voldemort, but there was so much more to him than we ever knew! Here are seven surprising facts about our favorite werewolf:

1. Remus Was Only Five When He Was Bitten By Greyback

J.K. Rowling really has no mercy when it comes to terrible childhoods, does she? Remus was only five years old, asleep in his bed, when Fenrir Greyback crept through his window and bit him. The bite was out of revenge for Lyall Lupin exposing him as a werewolf to the wizarding world, and Remus' father never forgave himself for letting it happen.

2. Dumbledore Invited Remus To Attend Hogwarts Personally

Because of course he did. Dumbledore has always kept an eye on the outsiders, so when he heard about what happened to the Lupin family, he showed up at their door and invited Remus to Hogwarts personally. He didn't see any reason why the bite should stop Remus from receiving an education, and it was then that he arranged for the private room beneath Hogsmeade, where Remus could safely wait out the full moon.

3. Remus Acted As The Conscience Of The Marauders

It's no surprise that Remus took students like Harry under his wing — he's always had a softspot for the underdog, being one himself. Though Remus clung to his friendship with the Marauders, he always tried to keep their bullying of kids like Severus Snape to a minimum.

4. Remus Finished Hogwarts As A Prefect

With troublemakers like the Maraurders among his best friends, this comes as a bit of a surprise! But I imagine Remus would have made a great Prefect.

5. The Initial Defeat of Voldemort Was Actually The Darkest Time Of Remus' Life

His mother was dead, his best friends, James and Lily Potter, were also dead, and the rest of the Marauders were now scattered. Forced to take menial jobs (and leave them when his condition was discovered), Remus was always on the move. It was a dark, dark time... even after the defeat of the Dark Lord.

6. His Death Helped Lift The Stigma From Werewolves

We all know that Remus Lupin died in the final battle against Voldemort, but his sacrifice helped clear the stigma from not just himself, but from other werewolves as well. He is now known for his kindness and bravery, something that all people, including werewolves could aim to be.

7. Lupin's Patronus Is A Wolf

Just a regular one!

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