7 'Stranger Things' Halloween Costume Ideas

Netflix’s super successful series Stranger Things is many things — an ode to classic scary movies, an '80s fashion spectacle, and a social media juggernaut. People love Stranger Things, which is exactly why you should probably get on finding some Stranger Things Halloween costume ideas right now. One of the most awesome things about Stranger Things as a source of costume demonstration is that there are wonderful male and female characters all over the place to choose from.

I predict at least one of your female friends will boldly go shave her hair off in the spirit of pulling off a convincing Eleven costume. I almost wish I was brave enough to do something like that. I mean, Eleven is one tough little waffle-loving lady, and Millie Bobby Brown totally nailed the semi-mute, micro-Jedi, hero-fighting-the-odds performance. But there are plenty of other options out there too. You could make a squad costume and go as Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas. You could even create a couples costume and go as Nancy and Steve or Hopper and Joyce. And don’t forget everyone’s favorite bookish killjoy — the inimitable Barb.

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The possibilities are pretty much endless. Check out these perfectly strange costume ideas to celebrate your favorite self-aware pandery horror genre darling.

1. Joyce Byers

Winona Ryder's performance as the terrified albeit messy horror movie mom will go down as one of her best.

Channel the very stressed out Joyce Byers with an Army surplus-style jacket, striped t-shirt, an axe, and colored Christmas lights.

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2. Eleven

Eleven is a fierce young lady who will wreck you if you look sideways at her friend Mike Wheeler. She also loves waffles.

Rock the pink dress and blue jacket with tall socks to look just like Eleven's chicest disguise. You can go with a shaved head or snag a blonde wig like El did on the show.

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3. Hopper

Hopper is a big city cop turned small town sheriff who is just trying to live his life after losing his daughter to cancer before the action of Season 1. He is the first to identify with Joyce's panic over losing Will, and the one to accompany her into the Upside Down when she goes to rescue her son.

Rock that all-khaki cop uniform by donning a men's top with sleeves you can roll up, a trusted wide-brimmed khaki hat with a chin strap, and a badge. Bring a few American beers to the party to make the look work.

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4. Barb

Oh Barb. A costume celebrating Nancy's fashionably challenged and overprotective best friend is sure to be a crowd favorite at any Halloween party.

You'll need a too-ruffly shirt, red hair, '80s plastic frames, and an oversized fluffy jacket to create the Barb aesthetic.

Women Victorian Inspired Blouse W/ Ruffles, $38, Amazon; Red Wig, $23, Amazon; Geeky '80s Plastic Frames, $8, Amazon; Oversized Fluffy Jacket, $50, Amazon

5. The Boys

The boys were central to the story of Stranger Things. They never gave up that they would find their friend Will, abducted by a hungry Demogorgon and taken to the Upside Down, even after the government goons at Hawkins Laboratory produced a stuffed lookalike corpse to get the townspeople off their trail.

Think lots of plaid, choosing a flannel shirt or jacket. You will also need trucker hats, a wrist rocket, and walkie talkies to dress as Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. Bonus points if you roll up to the Halloween party on your bike.

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6. Nancy

Nancy Wheeler had a stressful old time over the course of the first season of Stranger Things. Her best friend hated her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was jealous of the guy who was helping her search for poor Barb. Her brother had smuggled a telepathic orphan into their house, and her mom would not get off of her case — like ever.

You'll want to celebrate Nancy with a slick '80s-style bomber atop a very preppy ensemble. Think a boat-neck striped shirt, jeans, and an academic messenger bag.

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7. Steve

Steve is like really super popular in high school, and has sexually active friends and everything. Barb thinks he's the worst. Nancy can see right through his Elvis-haired facade right into his little sensitive soul. He shows up at just the right moment to prove to Nancy that he cares more about helping her slay the power-surge-inducing faceless lizard monster than about his own insecurities. Bravo, Steve.

Go full '80s prepster jock with an Elvis wig to look like Steve this Halloween. You'll also need a green crew neck sweater, and some preppy sneaks.

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Images: Courtesy of Netflix (8); Polyvore (7)