Is Caroline Manzo Still Hosting 'FabLife'? The 'Manzo'd With Children' Star Is Still Looking For Her Next Guest Host Job

Caroline Manzo is many things: reality star, devoted "fambly" member, mom to three who try her patience constantly (aka superwoman), wife to Al, and reality spinoff star on Manzo'd with Children. Oh, and, in spring 2016, talk show host for FabLife. But, considering it's been a while since Manzo has dipped her toe in the world of talk show hosting, I have to ask: is Caroline Manzo still hosting FabLife ? She was featured as a guest host on the series back in May, and reportedly, her apprehension and excitement about getting to host a talk show — a dream of hers — will be featured on Manzo'd with Children Season 3. That said, as of right now, it doesn't seem like she's working on any additional episodes of the series, or has booked a permanent gig on a talk show just yet.

Actually, if you look for Caroline's hosting gig on FabLife, she really only worked on one special — a Mother's Day 2016 show in which — considering she's a famous mom who's devoted to her kids — she brought Albie along and provided an expert opinion about all things related to the holiday. You can watch Caroline's entire appearance on FabLife below, where she gets to demonstrate all of her TV hosting skills and talk about what her kids usually do for her to celebrate her on Mother's Day. I have to say, if having a talk show is one of Caroline's career goals, she definitely should be able to make it happen — her naturally loud, talkative personality definitely seems like it could help her stand out on a panel of hosts or guide an interview.

In the Season 3 Manzo'd with Children trailer, there's a brief clip where Caroline talks about how much she wants the chance to succeed as a talk show host, yet how nervous she was before making her guest appearance on FabLife.

As of right now, it doesn't seem like Caroline is on tap to make any more episodes of FabLife or to get her own talk show anytime in the immediate future. But it has only been a few months since she got her first job as a guest host on FabLife, so there's surely more chance for her to host in her future. Hey, Andy Cohen is clearly a fan of hers, so maybe he'll be the gateway to her next opportunity to get behind a desk or sit down on a couch and talk to audiences. Either way, regardless of where her next hosting opportunity comes from, Caroline Manzo's talk show passion, and the way she went after her goals on Manzo'd Season 3 is pretty inspirational.

Image: Greg Endries/Bravo