Who Designed Miss America 2017's Gown? The Designer Is A Name You May Know

When I was a kid, the Miss America pageant was never about who designed the gown, but it's the 2017 pageant, and things have changed. Now, we're all crossing our fingers and hoping that we don't see a boring parade of the same old evening gowns in different colors, while squinting trying to guess who dressed them. Plus, I'm always over here like "who did her nails?" And while we're on the subject, I think "best highlight performed by a makeup artist" should totally replace the swimsuit competition, but that's just me. For most of you, it's all about that gown.

For those of you who gotta know, this year's Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields from Arkansas wore a classic black gown designed by Sherri Hill, who made all of the gowns for the event. Miss Arkansas made a bold statement about what a pageant gown should look like, which is classic and without a single sparkle. I have to admit, she did look stunning, and her earrings made up for the lack of glitter on her gown. Still, I'm a glitter girl. But to each her own.


The LBD never fails.

The ultimate accessory!

Like I said, there's nothing quite like a LBD. Even if you're Miss America.