Twitter Reacts To All The Miss America 2017 Gowns Prove That Sparkles Are Still Pretty Popular

I'm not sure if I liked watching the Miss America 2017 pageant more, or reading the live tweets. Between the feminist commentary, the fashion talk, the haters, the obsessed pageant fans, and the comedians, twitter gave the pageant a run for it's money. And that's hard to do for someone like me, who is obsessed with glitter, all things that sparkle, and people who want world peace. I feel like the only way the tweets could have been better was if two of the contestants decided to do an epic rap battle as their talent, or if someone rode in on a real unicorn. Not a horse with a horn, but an actual, majestic, glowing, rainbow-haired unicorn. Wait, if that happened, I'm pretty sure the unicorn would take the crown, so never mind.

Anyway, don't worry about Miss America 2017 Twitter FOMO, because I've scoured every corner of the Twitterverse for the best reactions to all things pageant, but most of all, THE GOWNS. I'm pretty into uplifting talk about women that doesn't criticize them harshly for their bodies, even though these women kind of signed up to be judged (in part) for their bodies, so you're not going to find a lot of snark here. Sorry not sorry. You can find solidarity, though. Because I'm right there with you, like "why does Miss New York look like a combination of Fergie and Jesus?" #oooh #aaahhh.

OK, let's do this thing:

I'm on board.

I know, right!

A lot of people thought Miss Carolina's modesty statement was, erm, interesting.

But other's loved her gown.

And then...

Miss Kentucky's real talent was walking in 7 inch heels. Wowsa.

Giphy spoke to all of us who want to wear gowns to the grocery store.

Some truth.

So many people just gawking at the pretty.

There could have been more sparkle, but all in all, Twitter approves.