When Does Benefit's Big Sexy Lip Kit Come Out? You'll Be Pleasantly Surprised By This News

It's been all about the brows for a while at Benefit, but now the brand is focused on a different facial feature. The company is launching a brand new lip collection that has every staple rosy hue you could possibly need. When can you shop Benefit's Big Sexy Lip Kit? Well, you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that it's available right now.

Get those wallets ready, people. Benefit has created yet another innovative product that will definitely land on your most-wanted makeup list. The Big Sexy Lip Kit comes with four different rose colored lip hues that are perfect for a variety of different skin tones. I'm talking everything you'll possibly need to get an on-point lipstick application.

When I say it has everything you need, I mean it too. This isn't just a collection, it's a full-on lip kit, just like the name suggests. The products are much different from your typical twist up tube. Each color comes with a liner and lipstick all in one. The tear-drop tip actually has a different color in, so you can line your lips and fill them in all with the same applicator. Basically, you'll get the perfect lip look without having to switch products.

Pretty awesome, right? The best part is that you can shop the lip kit right now. It's currently available as an HSN exclusive, meaning it hit their site before anyone else's. It will be available on the Benefit Cosmetics site and Ulta.com on Sept. 30, according to the Instagram post.

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lip Kit 4-In-1 Lipstick & Liners, $29, hsn.com

Besides the colors being absolutely gorgeous, the price is pretty darn great too. You can get all four shades for $29. That breaks down to about $7.25 per lipstick. Not to mention you'll get a liner and a lipstick, which makes the price even better. Plus is you shop from HSN, you can split the price into two or three different monthly payments as well.

Benefit Cosmetics Big Sexy Lip Kit 4-In-1 Lipstick & Liners, $29, hsn.com

With four different lipsticks and liners, you really can't beat this buy. There's no word yet whether this kit will be a permanent part of the line. I would get over to the site and snag one while you can.

Images: benefitcosmetics/Instagram (1), hsn (2)