This Little Girl's Lesson in Saying No to Strangers With Cookies Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever

There are a lot of things that terrify me about the idea of being a parent (this is why I am not in any rush to have kids). How to deal with bullying is one; how to teach them about Internet safety in an increasingly murky online world is another; and how to get the idea of stranger danger into their heads? Hoo boy. Scariest thing of all.

But! At least teaching your kid about the danger of strangers has the potential to be a super cute experience, if the below video is anything to go by. Ye Bin is a little girl from South Korea whose mother recently tried to teach her what to do if a stranger approaches her. The video has garnered almost five million views since it was first posted on YouTube on March 12, and let’s just say that it’s easy to see why. It’s hard for a kid that small to say no to cookies, ice cream, and swimming excursions — but bless her little heart, Ye Bin gets there in the end. Hopefully if these lessons become a regular enough occurrence, she’ll eventually grasp the full meaning of them, rather than just latching onto the pattern of repetition.

You guys. I’ve just had a thought. Has Cookie Monster ever been employed to teach kids about stranger danger? If he hasn’t, he definitely should. Like Ye Bin, Cookie Monster adores cookies and finds them difficult to say no to; one of the reasons he’s so appealing to kids is the fact that he’s all id, just like most tots. But if Tom Hiddleston can teach him and all of his fans about the value of delayed gratification and self-control, just think what wonders he’d be able to work when it comes to stranger danger!

Watch the adorableness for yourself below:

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Image: Drama Fever/YouTube