Tom Hiddleston Pals Up With Cookie Monster

Quite unlike his character in Thor, Tom Hiddleston is probably the most delightful man on the planet. It's quite possible I don't even mean that hyperbolically. He's got that smile, that rumbling Shakespeare-trained British voice, and he's constantly using those talented vocal cords to ramble on about making the world a better place and being kind to your peers. It could be he's got the best PR in Britain, but we're siding with him being a genuinely good human person. Which is why when you throw him in with the long-beloved characters of Sesame Street, it just seems like the sun's shining brighter for however long it takes you to watch this new video of the Hiddleston and the Cookie Monster bonding.

In this video, Tom Hiddleston cuddles up to the Cookie Monster, explaining to our sugar-bingeing friend the benefits of self-control. It's actually a pretty valuable lesson in patience and delayed gratification, which is what I feel the most die-hard Hiddles fans out there will need after watching this video.

Because let's face it: That cookie looks delicious, but none of us were focusing on the baked goods, were we? And for once we're not convinced the Cookie Monster was, either.

He just ... look at the way he almost bites that cookie. Just look at it.